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Hair product for creating a messy shaggy look on layered bob

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WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Mon 19-Jun-17 15:06:48

Can anyone recommend a texturising spray for my short layered bob please? I've been using Lee Stafford my big fat texturised hair super spray to create the dragged through a hedge backwards scrunched messy look I want and it's perfect, but it's been discontinued so I'd like to find something else before I run out. Using mousse, seasalt spray and firm hold hairspray just doesn't give as good results or hold as well throughout the day. Any ideas, or am I being unrealistic to expect to do my hair in the morning and for it to stay put for a few hours? My hair is straight and fine and is a sod for not holding a style, so I need something strong. Looking at a couple of old threads VO5 Extreme Rough It Up Spray or V05 texturising gum were mentioned; are they worth a try? Nothing more than about £10 preferably.

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Tue 20-Jun-17 13:50:05

Bumping for ideas. Anyone?

Thegirlisnotright Tue 20-Jun-17 13:55:54

I've been using Superdrug own salt spray and it drops out, so following this for better ideas!

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Tue 20-Jun-17 17:20:44

I've been using the Toni and Guy sea salt texturising spray and although it helps it doesn't live up to its promises, on my hair at least sad

Teaandcake08 Tue 20-Jun-17 20:24:14

I use a seasalt spray (just Superdrug's own) and then label m miracle fibre, marvellous stuff. Holds my thick hair into the messed up bob style I'm after! I still set with a bit of cheap hair spray and it lasts all day smile

Arealhumanbeing Tue 20-Jun-17 20:55:50

Bumble and Bumble - Dryspun finish.

Charles Worthington - Cool Girl.

Both pricey but excellent.

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Wed 21-Jun-17 08:18:43

Thanks for the recommendations smile Am I right in thinking that it's a case of using a couple of products together rather than expecting 1 to do the job?

PolaDeVeboise Wed 21-Jun-17 14:38:31

I agree with WhatALoad, the Toni and Guy one is no good. Most disappointed!

FruitBadger Wed 21-Jun-17 17:47:31

Yep, I tried the Toni & Guy sea salt spray and it was useless. My hair sounds very similar, very fine and trying to achieve the dragged through a hedge look too wink I used to like the John Frieda Luxurious Volume paste that came in a blue tub, until it was discontinued too.

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Thu 22-Jun-17 07:50:25

So frustrating when products that really suit us are discontinued isn't it. Takes ages to find what works then they're gone sad

Arealhumanbeing Thu 22-Jun-17 16:22:26

You'll need to put something on while you hair is still damp yes. Maybe a volumising spray on the roots and some serum on the very ends? John Frieda does both well.

This could be what you're looking for re texture. It's reduced at the moment too so closer to a tenner than the others I suggested.

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