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Under eye makeup

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voobylooby Sun 18-Jun-17 20:43:54

What are your favourite under eye bag covering products? New baby so not getting as much sleep as I'd like....

jeaux90 Sun 18-Jun-17 23:30:16

Touché eclat. If you have dark circles then use the lemon aid by benefit first. If they are really really bad then erase paste too.

McDougal Sun 18-Jun-17 23:50:22

Mac Pro Longwear covers absolutely everything. I've only recently started using it and I look more alive than I have for years.

voobylooby Mon 19-Jun-17 03:35:02

Thanks ladies

SomeOtherFuckers Mon 19-Jun-17 04:12:37

I use brown eyeshadow on my tear bags to highlight them after concealing under eye bags with the mac concealor that comes in a mini pump x
I'm weird

SomeOtherFuckers Mon 19-Jun-17 04:13:03

Also I find that touché eclat highlights my undereues and makes them shiny

BusterGonad Mon 19-Jun-17 06:22:50

A highlighter pen style will only make bags look bigger as they will highlight them. Highlighters should only be used under the eyes if you have sunken dark circles or no bags. To make bags look smaller you need a concealer that's slightly darker then normal as it will push the bags back rather that brighten them up iyswim!

Softkitty2 Mon 19-Jun-17 11:23:12

Bobbi brown peach corrector and mac prolong wear on top.

Girlywurly Mon 19-Jun-17 18:04:04

I quite like Maybelline Age Rewind, but I don't have bags - only dark circles and shadows (deep set eyes).

jeaux90 Mon 19-Jun-17 18:28:43

Do you actually have bags or dark circles?

scaredofthecity Mon 19-Jun-17 18:30:40

I like the estee lauder version of touche eclat, it has colour in it so is more like a concealer as well, and it gives good coverage and lasts well.

manyaslip Mon 19-Jun-17 19:18:43

I'd also recommend Mac Pro Longwear. I started using it only a couple of weeks ago - emergency airport purchase! - and it really is good. I find that it provides better coverage than anything else I've tried over the years including Bobbi Brown concealers/corrections and Touche Elcat

voobylooby Mon 19-Jun-17 19:57:01

Just dark circles- I hadn't really thought of the difference until you asked!

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

Poppet8583 Mon 19-Jun-17 21:25:00

Benefit Erase Paste is amazing! It lasts forever too as you don't need to use much so definitely worth spending the money on it (it's about £20 I think).

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 20-Jun-17 00:06:22

Revlon eye primer, it's amazing.

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