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Has anyone gone from very dark brown to light highlights?

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MrsSeptember Sun 18-Jun-17 20:13:30

I am thinking about how to have my hair. It's currently a mess and I tie it up.

It's dark brown, straight but with kinks in so I have to blow dry or straighten. Its oily with dry ends.
It's long (down to my bra strap) and I'm desperate for a change.

I'm a size 14 so have a bit of a double Chin and I have a big forehead. I like having a half fringe to hide this.

I'm thinking of something like this with a side fringe cut in.

I'm just a little worried about going so light. I've never done it before.

What are your thoughts?

mayaknew Sun 18-Jun-17 20:16:08

I've recently went from years of dyed black... to blonde. I love it ! I've had it for about 4 months now and I'm still not used to it. It took 2 goes to get it up to blonde but it was well worth it ! And the first go didn't even turn out a horrible colour it was actually a nice light golden brown.

lionsleepstonight Sun 18-Jun-17 22:08:31

I had lots of light highlights put in my dark brown hair with a view to gradually lighten it as a way to combat my grey. I stuck it out for a year but in the end had to revert back as my hair couldn't take it and kept going coppery. I was also killing it by daily straightening so the condition was awful. My hair is very thick wavy curl, dry ends greasy roots.

lionsleepstonight Sun 18-Jun-17 22:09:52

But that picture looks great. Go for it. Easy to change back if it does not work out.

tigerdriverII Sun 18-Jun-17 22:10:12

I've gone from light brown/dirty blonde highlights (aka middle aged woman boring) to blue tinted peroxide blonde. And I bloody love it!

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