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Ukrainian Vyshyvanka dress

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KimchiLaLa Fri 16-Jun-17 22:42:54

I think these are beautiful. I know they became a trend a year ago, but I then saw a girl in Paris wearing a white and blue one on Rue de Rivoli looking so stylish yet so casual and elegant at the same time I just wanted one. Also pregnant so very attracted to loose clothes at the moment... these are the style of dress, but I would want one from eBay (i.e. The cheap version!). What do you think? Do they look crazy?

TrickyKid Fri 16-Jun-17 22:46:09

I absolutely love them and the similar vintage Indian dresses in the floaty fabric.

WizardOfToss Fri 16-Jun-17 22:48:13

Gorgeous. If you find a link to cheap versions, please post!

TrickyKid Fri 16-Jun-17 22:49:07

I've got this from Urban Outfitters

NemosKnickers Fri 16-Jun-17 22:49:56

I was just thinking they look so nice and comfOHMIGOD THE PRICE! shock

Gingernaut Fri 16-Jun-17 22:53:29

I saw a Polish designed 'blouse' in TK Maxx the other day and saw it was an embroidered wet weather 'jumper'(?). Lovely to look at but odd.

The embroidery was gorgeous.

CiderwithBuda Fri 16-Jun-17 23:01:47

I lived in Eastern Europe for ten years. They look far too 'traditional craft' for me. I like the Urban Outfitters one though.

silkpyjamasallday Fri 16-Jun-17 23:01:58

I adore them! They are actually very versatile and can be dressed up or down, I could see myself never taking it off if I find 'the one'. I am also on the hunt for a not too pricey version as the ones I saw initially are well over a grand.

Wary of the eBay ones from china though, I did see someone on Instagram post a boutique In London selling them, and her blog is all about cheaper versions of designer, but they don't have a website.

ooodile Fri 16-Jun-17 23:15:39

Have you seen Innika Choo? Her designs have changed a bit more recently, but she's still got some really lovely ones on her site.

Crochita Sat 17-Jun-17 00:13:34

Cheap version

Crochita Sat 17-Jun-17 00:14:39

Red or black

Crochita Sat 17-Jun-17 00:16:44

Short dress

margaritasbythesea Sat 17-Jun-17 14:45:36

Next version. They have a short black one too.

KimchiLaLa Sat 17-Jun-17 17:43:13

Thanks all, I thought you'd be telling me it will look ludicrous! Will look at the Next links. If anyone buys one post them here! I will too.

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