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Bridal shoes...

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TheseAreTheGoodOldDays Fri 16-Jun-17 07:42:14

Ok, so I'm hopefully getting married in 2 months! Exciting smile

Will need to take my shoes to my dress fittings, and the first one will have to be in a couple of weeks, but struggling to find any I like!

I would like them to be ivory, size 5, with a low-mid heel, as I'm not great in walking in anything high and I know it will be a long day on my feet. Ideally I don't want to spend more than £30/40, as you won't be able to see them and I've other things to spend money on..

You wise women have any ideas?! I hate shoe shopping! My feet are fairly narrow and I struggle to find anything comfortable.

Thanks for any help!

ILoveDolly Fri 16-Jun-17 07:44:07

I love the irregular choice bridal shoes and they are comfy with a choice of heel height. But style not every ones cup of tea!

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 16-Jun-17 07:49:55

If you sit down you'll see them then.

I went for a low heel from rainbow called Megan, very padded & comfy.

They don't have to be white or cream you can match it to your flowers or colour scheme.

You'll need them for the fitting, I'd take any bridal underwear too.

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