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Effective deodorant

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mintmagnummm Thu 15-Jun-17 14:06:16

I'm so frustrated at the moment! I usually use and swear by dove spray deodorant, either the original one or the anti white marks one but lately I don't feel it's as effective and I'm sure I can smell an unpleasant odour which I hate!
I've tried mitcham in the past and it didn't agree with me at all, more recently I have tried soft and gentle and bionsen. I've heard good things about Vichy but it's ££ and am worried about wasting more money on rubbish that doesn't work!
So what's everyone's fave deodorant??

CaoNiMartacus Thu 15-Jun-17 14:10:17

Have you tried the gel version of Mitchum? I didn't get on with the stick or the spray, but the gel works really well on my sweaty pits.

CaoNiMartacus Thu 15-Jun-17 14:11:04

Also - Sure does an extra strong variety. That's pretty decent.

Jecan Thu 15-Jun-17 14:13:23

Another fan of the Sure extra one - it's a creamy deo but it works so well. I had the same problem and it's completely gone away since I moved to the sure one. I can only put it on after I've put a top on tho as it's left white marks on some black tops (not for ever)

MotherOfBeagles Thu 15-Jun-17 14:22:30

I swear by Mitchum. Also got my brother and his dorm-buddies at army basic training on it too (they do a men's and women's).

ladyratterley Thu 15-Jun-17 14:25:10

Roll on Mitchum is the only thing that works for me. Worth trying that if you've only tried the stick or the spray as I feel the roll on is way more effective. The powder fresh scented one is lovely!

Itsnothingoriginal Thu 15-Jun-17 14:41:09

I react to all the very strong ones like Sure extra, Michum and Dryclor but find it seems to work if I change my deodorant brand regularly or have 2 on the go at a time! Sure deodorant sprays are good but it's usually trial and error!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-Jun-17 14:43:58

I have been ordering stuff from the US for years as UK deodorants just don't seem to work on me ,I'm not even a very sweaty Betty. Mitchum used to work years ago,then they did something and now it's shit.

Have recently discovered Rightguard Total Defence stick,totally indivisible,no scent and works like a charm. I have stock piled.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-Jun-17 14:44:32

**it's only about £1.50

ruru1981 Thu 15-Jun-17 15:07:27

Perspi Guard

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 15-Jun-17 15:13:17

I use the men's Mitchum ultimate stick.

BeaLola Thu 15-Jun-17 17:41:00

Weirdly I find the Rose M&Sroll on very effective. I usually bulk buy when on offer

bunnybleu Thu 15-Jun-17 17:45:51

I can only use Sure roll on in Cotton Fresh, or Sainsbury's own brand sensitive. Everything else brings me out in a rash! Both work well.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 15-Jun-17 18:22:25

I use a mans mitchum

EverythingEverywhere1234 Thu 15-Jun-17 18:24:35

Roll on Triple Dry every night just before bed, shower in the morning then aerosol sure in the morning works for me where nothing else has

PenguinDi Thu 15-Jun-17 18:39:17

I use the Aldi roll on deodorants they are really good, just been to leave to dry a bit before dressing.

GinUser Thu 15-Jun-17 20:31:28

Clinique roll-on. Been using it for 35 years. Tend to bulk buy when I can get it on offer with a discount voucher. It works.

mintmagnummm Thu 15-Jun-17 21:38:26

Thanks everyone for all of these suggestions so far flowers

bakedbeansandtuna Thu 15-Jun-17 23:14:48

Sanex sensitive 👍🏻

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