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Simple work tops?

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AlwaysOldBeforeMyTime Wed 14-Jun-17 22:45:52

Hello oh wise ones, I need help with my work wardrobe please!

I work in a smart/casual place-men generally wear shirts but no tie or jacket, and women usually black trousers and a nice top.

Since returning from maternity leave about a year ago I just can not find any nice work tops, and am getting really frustrated now!

I'm a size 14 with a large bum, fairly large boobs and a wobbly belly. I like colours and patterns but hate frilly/fussy tops and don't like cold shoulders (which seem to be everywhere at the moment!)

I'm usually cheap as cheap can be but want to feel professional so will spend up to £30 on a nice top. Please please tell me where to find non fussy work tops now a days!

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