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If you have black hair and baylage...

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TakeMe2Insanity Wed 14-Jun-17 21:58:09

I have long (to bra strap) black hair. I have never dyed done anything to the colour. I went for a trim last week and some how felt confident in the salon to book in for a baylage tint traeatment next week.

Now I am having serious doubts into the upkeep of it. The stylist mentioned my hair would have to be lightened then tinted. Fine, but what happens when the tint runs out/fade does that mean the hair is white?

What are the practicalities? How often do you have to get it retinted? Is it worth it?

Bleurghghghgh Wed 14-Jun-17 22:00:00

They won't get the base colour white. It'll be mid brown at best I'd say. The toning/tinting is just to balance the red tone that bleaching dark hair causes. Buy a purple shampoo to keep it up. I'd recommend daddy o by lush.

And post pics when it's done!

anxiousandpregnant Thu 15-Jun-17 09:52:14

It probably wont go EXACTLY how you want it to the first time with your hair being so dark, I've had mine done 3 times now from dark brown and its just gone how I wanted it. I have dark brown hair which leads into a light brown/blonde balayage. Ask for the tint to be cool/ashy otherwise you might end up with orange ends, im sure the hairdresser will know this though. As PP has said buy a purple shampoo which is designed to banish brassy tones from blonde hair and use it twice a week.

MooMinCow Thu 15-Jun-17 09:53:22

I have short naturally brown black hair and have it coloured. The first time my hairdresser applied bleach on foils at the ends to lift (as my natural colour is so dark). Don't be scared when that is rinsed off as your hair will look gingery orange but they put the toner/tint over that to cover it. It will fade but as Bleurgh said a purple toned conditioner will maintain a cool brown tone once the toner fades (4-6 weeks). I prefer Aveda Black Malva colour conditioner as it slightly darkens while neutralising any brassy/orange tones.

Last few times I've been he's not bothered bleaching it but just gone in straight with a permanent colour which is able to lift at the same time. It's subtle but I prefer it that way. I think once you've had some bleach done the hair becomes more receptive (porous?) to subsequent colour application?

Don't worry, just go for it. Balayage is pretty low maintenance as you're only getting the mid/ends coloured so no root regrowth to deal with. And if you hate it you can always dye over it later.

Have a look at Nicky Lazou She's a colourist who specialises in doing balayage on Asian/dark hair

TakeMe2Insanity Thu 15-Jun-17 13:43:57

Thank you ladies.

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