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Job interview - navy suit

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whereiscaroline Mon 12-Jun-17 15:51:27

Help please!

I have a job interview coming up and can't really justify spending out too much on an entire outfit. I have a navy blue suit... could I please have people's suggestions on what sort of shoes, top and handbag you'd put with this?

I'm 5'4 and a size 12. Think I'd need heels with the suit to avoid looking dumpy.

Thank you MN.

whereiscaroline Mon 12-Jun-17 18:23:25

Bumping for evening traffic blush

Filiboom Mon 12-Jun-17 23:21:08

I recently had an interview and wore a (black) suit with a silky, plain, very pale grey top tucked in and dark red suede low-heeled shoes. I just took my normal handbag (which is smart), but it ended up being left in a different room to the interview panel. I got the job so must have been ok! And I've worn the shoes loads since for nights out, smart days and will go on to use at work. Ditto the top.

A few years ago, I'd never have worn tops tucked in (confidence issue), but I now think it looks much smarter and more together. A loose, silky top (tucked in!) and control tights/knickers for extra confidence works for me and is becoming my work uniform. I'm also 5'4 and a size 10-12 with a definite tummy.

So basically, my recommendation would be a plain top and some plain shoes, but perhaps in something slightly different to black or navy.

I'm off to uniqlo to stock up as I understand that they do good plain silky tops. Boden' eavello tops are also meant to be good (but I'm not really a bold print person - I think they do plain?), but I'm sure others have better advice. If you can wait for the sale, I got a couple gorgeous silk Jigsaw ones in their winter sale, which I have worn for interviews and have my eye on a couple more.

Very good luck for the interview!

whereiscaroline Tue 13-Jun-17 06:36:04

Thank you!

I'm quite confident with wearing black and knowing what colours to pair with it, but for some reason I just can't suss what colour shoes to wear with navy blue! Tan?! Are black a big no-no?

I'll take a look at uniqlo tops, thank you.

NisekoWhistler Tue 13-Jun-17 06:39:02

Black shoes/bag are fine with a navy suit. A white, grey, red, pink top underneath will work, quite a variety of colours in fact.

user1487372252 Tue 13-Jun-17 06:43:02


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