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Bra ladies please help!

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SnugglySnerd Mon 12-Jun-17 08:37:33

Hope someone can help!
It's definitely time to ditch the maternity bras and buy some new ones.
I've measured according to the Better Bra Campaign and my measurements are 31 under the bust and 38 around the fullest part.
I reckon this makes me a 30F. Does that sound right? I don't think I have a particularly good rack so it seems a bit big!

I'm so confused about bra shapes. I would like a couple of smooth tshirt bras and a pretty one.

I've always worn lightly padded plunge bras but I have never had one that fits properly so I'm open to suggestions.

I don't have a massive budget so nothing too £££.

Also should I try different sizes too? If so which sizes??

Thanks in advance.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 12-Jun-17 08:51:03

Try bravissimo, they'll give you a gazillion bras to try on. Some look great on the hanger but the wire will be in the wrong place or the style won't do anything on you.

Im a 28DD, flat chested though! Everyone thinks a DD is huge but it's tiny.

SnugglySnerd Mon 12-Jun-17 08:58:13

I'm just looking at their catalogue! Shopping with babies is a nightmare so I might order a load online and then return some.

SorrelForbes Mon 12-Jun-17 13:34:32

Be aware that although you're measuring as a 30H you may need to go up or down in size depending on brand. In addition some styles may not work for you. Smooth, moulded t shirt bras are quite hard to get a good fit with for many people. I'd suggest ordering two or three sizes (maybe 30F, 30FF and 32E) in plunge, half cup and tshirt bra styles. Remember to try the bras back to front first to test the band before sorting the cup.

SnugglySnerd Mon 12-Jun-17 14:05:54

Thanks I've been wearing moulded the shirt bras for years and they are never comfortable. Time to try something new!

SorrelForbes Mon 12-Jun-17 15:24:15

Oops, 30F!

queenofthebucket Mon 12-Jun-17 17:23:48

if you can get to a big debenhams they do a great range of brands, styles and budgets. I find 30 F's and G's there in there own make which is reasonable and comfy for me.

SnugglySnerd Mon 12-Jun-17 19:37:21

I live near a big Debenhams that's a good idea. I used to go there and lother for undies. Haven't really been shopping in town for years as have been pregnant, breastfeeding or just had a toddler to entertain!

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