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HELLLPP - I've picked 80% of my eyelashes off!

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Missb00 Mon 12-Jun-17 01:47:30

I had stupid bastard Russian volume lashes a week ago, against the advise of DH (why is he always right) and I hated them. Yesterday I had a meltdown (overreaction) and picked them all off along with most of my own lashes. How can I encourage them to grow back please!?!?!?!

raindropstea Mon 12-Jun-17 08:40:22

Oh no. I've heard this is common with eyelash extensions. Had you had eyelash extensions before? Were they irritating your eyes?

You can try revitalash which I've heard great things about. Also castor oil. In the meantime if it really bothers you, maybe wear some false lashes that look natural like the Ardell whispies.

Missb00 Mon 12-Jun-17 15:00:23

Yes they were so irritating 😠 Never had them before.

What do I do with the castor oil? Will google revitalash!

namechange20050 Mon 12-Jun-17 15:02:37

Rapid lash. I had stumps after having extensions for ages. This helped speed up the growth.

Out2pasture Mon 12-Jun-17 15:02:45

Be aware eyelashes sometimes don't grow back. I'd suggest a vit e oil and patience.

Missb00 Mon 12-Jun-17 16:36:07

Nooo out that's not what I want to hear 😰

OutToGetYou Mon 12-Jun-17 16:44:48

Vaseline is supposed to help.

Don't worry, they will grow back - I had that hair-pulling thing as a kid and was always pulling mine all out (still pull them now and then) but they did grow back.

raindropstea Mon 12-Jun-17 16:52:32

Google castor oil for eyelash re growth. I think you just apply it like an eyeliner brush. Theres loads of eyelash growth serums like rapid lash mentioned above, revitalash, and the prescription one. There was a site called alldaychemist where you could order it without a prescription. It's called bimatoprost but marketed for eyelashes it's more expensive and called something else.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 12-Jun-17 16:52:35

Have lvl next time, it's a lift and tint.

I found extensions irritating too.

My Dh is always right too, very irritating.

raindropstea Mon 12-Jun-17 16:55:23

I'm interested in the lvl! I almost booked in for it but what put me off is some people get this deer in the headlight look like their eyes are wide open 👀 😋
Did you find that the lvl made your lashes feel dry? It seems like the chemicals could overprocess your lashes.

stayathomegardener Mon 12-Jun-17 16:55:42

DD pulled a large clump out with eyelash curlers (top tip don't turn around to chat whilst still clamped.)
She used a black eyeliner to colour in the pink gap. No one noticed and they grew back fine.

Morewinepleasex Mon 12-Jun-17 16:56:10

Rapid lash x

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 12-Jun-17 17:19:19


I haven't done the training yet, flirties is another brand to look out for.

You can buy a conditioner for afterwards but any chemical process on hairs going to feel a bit drier at first.

I think you've got to try these things & if it doesn't suit you then you don't bother again.

ememem84 Mon 12-Jun-17 17:34:23

I was really stressed a few years ago and absentmindedly began pulling my eyelashes out, I'd also bought a stupid mascara which had to be pulled off. So this was the main reason for the pulling.

They do grow back. Be patient. I think I took omega three oils.

EnidButton Mon 12-Jun-17 17:58:53

Rapidlash is very good. Takes about 6 weeks to see a significant difference and if I don't keep using it mine go back to the original length. It does really work though.

EnidButton Mon 12-Jun-17 18:00:21

I'm very certain they'll grow back too btw.

raindropstea Mon 12-Jun-17 18:00:25

Fluffy Thanks, I'll look up flirties.
And I agree - need to try them, but I have read so many bad things about eyelash extensions that I would try the LVL before the extensions. I'd probably just stick to falsies instead of extensions for special occasions.

Out2pasture Mon 12-Jun-17 18:09:11

As per google I gather they grow back very slowly

bexy229 Mon 12-Jun-17 18:33:04

Mavala Double lash serum, don't waste your money on rapid lash or revitalash, so expensive when Mavala does the same! I did the exact same thing last month and was so upset but my lashes are back and long again! Don't worry

EnidButton Mon 12-Jun-17 18:35:25

Mavala double lash did nothing for my lashes but Rapidlash worked really well. Maybe it depends on how your lashes are to start with or something? It does seem to be an individual thing when you read reviews for all the eyelash serums.

Missb00 Mon 12-Jun-17 18:45:33

Thanks everyone I'll try all of that! For now I'll get some stick ons and listen to my DH in future blush

PlaydoughBarbershop Mon 12-Jun-17 19:20:03

I could have written this post. I'm absolute to blame but am so devastated. Can't even wear mascara as there are huge gaps. Just going bare lashed for now sad

Missb00 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:23:27

Oh playdough I know how you feel. We'll have to be patient and follow the advice above although i keep thinking if only I could go back 24 hours and punch myself in the face. My natural eyelashes were soo long and fluffy too, gutted.

PlaydoughBarbershop Tue 13-Jun-17 20:22:29

The woman doing mine even said "you don't need false lashes... You have lovely long natural ones" sadsad

Chocwocdoodah Tue 13-Jun-17 22:13:20

I'm always banging on about Rapidlash, it's friggin amazing! Makes my lashes look like falsies. I've tried others and they did nothing.


It doesn't MAKE your lashes grow - it's more like a conditioning effect in that it strengthens your lashes enabling them to reach their full length rather than breaking.

I've pulled my lashes out before in a freak eyelash curler accident. They grew back fine - in the meantime use eyeliner to fill the gaps.

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