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Eee fit shoes

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PlaymobilPirate Sat 10-Jun-17 18:20:38

I have a condition that makes my feet and legs swell and REALLY struggle with shoes, especially as the summer approaches.

I usually buy from Evans - but they've not got a store near me so I can't try on

Just wondered if anyone else wears eee fit and whether you'd recommend any?

I'm only in my 30s but feel like my summer style is hugely limited.

My ankles swell over shoes so ankle straps etc can cause problems

Ethelswith Sat 10-Jun-17 18:24:29

My DMum wears a very wide fit these days, and likes this online company:

She doesn't like ordering online btw, so has done it by phone and found them very helpful in advising on fit as well as being generally friendly.

RubyMyrtle Sat 10-Jun-17 18:24:44

I wear jade from schuh. Not sure if they fit the brief but I have very, very, wide feet which swell up and these for me perfectly.

ShatnersBassoon Sat 10-Jun-17 18:25:14

Simply Be has a large selection of EEE fit shoes, and wider.

PlaymobilPirate Sat 10-Jun-17 18:32:41

Thanks everyone - will look at Jade at Schu, not heard of them!

Ethelswith Sat 10-Jun-17 21:03:30

She's also had shoes from here:

Most styles go to 4E

PlaymobilPirate Sat 10-Jun-17 21:25:59

Thanks Ethel - looking at those makes me want to cry a bit though - I used to syrut about in heels! 😢

iffikitty Sat 10-Jun-17 23:28:55

One of my feet is EEE, the other is EEEE. I wear a lot of Skechers, a size larger sometimes for the width. Their Chugga winter boots have changed my life, have 3 different colours. The first shoes and boots I've ever been able to walk in all day with my arches supported.

Fairylea Sat 10-Jun-17 23:32:00

Yours do an Eee. Worth a try.

PlaymobilPirate Sat 10-Jun-17 23:45:43

Really iffi?? I'd never have thought of them!! Off to Google!

iffikitty Sat 10-Jun-17 23:59:57

OP, they may not be for you, but if you like soft shoes then Skechers super sock are my favourite, from Amazon usually. I've given up on heels myself, I just need comfort and something that goes with jeans.

JellyTeapot Sun 11-Jun-17 00:00:24

Occasionally M&S have something decent in a wide fit, Next are also worth a look.

PlaymobilPirate Sun 11-Jun-17 08:12:15

Thanks Jelly - normal wide fit isn't anywhere near wide enough though.

Thanks iffi- I'll have a look 😁 my left foot is probably nearer eeee too 😢

FrancisCrawford Sun 11-Jun-17 08:14:59

Another vote for Simply Be

They also do wide fit Sketchers.

sandgrown Sun 11-Jun-17 08:20:41

I was talking to someone about the same problem only a few days ago. She said her mother was a chiropodist and highly recommended Sketchers. I will look at Shuh too. My local Evans closed down so not much choice. New look do a few wide shoes now .

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 11-Jun-17 08:24:53

@PlaymobilPirate do you have lymphoedema? I have it, and it makes my feet/legs very swollen and sore, especially in the heat. At the moment I'm wearing Birkenstocks at the weekend as they're really wide but I know they're not everyone's cup of tea - I also do t feel they're smart enough for work and I can't wear dressy sandals (narrow, straps) or ballet flats (feet swell in the uncovered part of the shoe) so I'm looking for shoes too. It's very depressing and affects my confidence. I hate trying on shoes in shops as often I can't get them on my feet at all. sad

PlaymobilPirate Sun 11-Jun-17 08:29:10

Hi Thegirl- yes, I do. It's reallyvaffected my confidence too. Compression socks help a LOT but they look awful and are so uncomfortable in the summer.

I'm going in holiday soon and I'm dreading it! I have some fake eee birkenstocks from Evans but the base doesn't feel wide enough so they hurt a bit.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 11-Jun-17 08:36:21

I've had fake birkies and real birkies and honestly, although they are a lot more expensive, I think they're worth it - far more supportive and very wide (as long as you get the normal, not narrow, footbed). The only thing I have to be careful of (and it's the same for any sandals) is that my heels get dry and if I'm not slathering on flexitol they'll crack and that makes us prone to cellulitis. I also get broken blood vessels if my legs swell in the heat. Attractive. I used to love summer but footwear and having to cover up my legs instead of being able to wear shorts and skirts is really rubbish. I hope you have a great holiday.

iffikitty Sun 11-Jun-17 08:41:06

Birkenstocks come in wide fit in some styles. The little foot logo is open inside, in the standard fit it's filled in.

TeaChest100 Sun 11-Jun-17 08:52:20

I know what you mean op, it's very depressing to go into a shoe shop and for nothing to fit, that's where I am now. Another vote for sketchers. Initially I was enthusiastic about Hotter but I think it's necessary to try them on, I find the fit can be a little variable.

What about crocs? They do some quite nice colours that would be fine for casual wear on holiday,en_GB,sc.html?prefn1=gender&prefv1=Women#&origin=category&srule=CatPosition-SearchPlacement-Revenue7day-PRRating-PRReviews&start=0&sz=36&prefn1=gender&prefv1=Women&prefn2=variationSize&prefv2=&prefn3=refinementColor&prefv3=&prefn4=fitGuideFit&prefv4=&prefn5=lifestyle&prefv5=

wobblywonderwoman Sun 11-Jun-17 08:54:11

I go to an independent shoe shop and they have a range that suit so worth checking out a local independent shop.

Otherwise I buy m&s footglove For smart workwear. Or sketchers for work when we are not at the desk. New look wide fit - these don't last as long but do the trick and a lot cheaper.

PlaymobilPirate Sun 11-Jun-17 19:52:49

Thanks everyone - I've got a few to research now!

UrethaFranklin Sun 11-Jun-17 21:59:34

Im glad you started this thread as I have exactly the same problem! I get fed up of my DP saying things like 'M&S\Next do wide fit, why don't you try there?' Because they dont bloody fit do you think I've never tried????

The only high street shop I can buy shoes from is Evans, occasionally Yours but they don't have a great range in the shops, online its better. The last couple of pairs I've bought have been from Simply Be, quite a good range of EEE fit on there.

wibblywobblyfish Sun 11-Jun-17 22:39:54

I think I have found my people! Clarks school shoes go up to an H fitting and some styles are in adult size 9. I have a pair of ballet flats that I wear to work from them. Otherwise it's Evans for me. I think I must have lymphodema too, mine swell up and spread up my calves, broken veins the lot. I have furosemide tablets which help a bit.

PlaymobilPirate Sun 11-Jun-17 23:08:14

Yes to the 'look in Next' I wish I could 😣

Wobbly - I spent years being told it was water retention 😥

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