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come hither and blow your own trumpet...

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kickarse Fri 09-Jun-17 11:15:29

..... I see so many threads where women are down on themselves. Too fat, too old, too wrinkly, too drab, too hard on themselves.

We are mothers, wives, partners, daughters, we have hardships, pain, love and laughter, we endure.

I will share my poem about myself with you and maybe you can share some heart words back?

wild woman
soul skin
my life
without and within

Think of one, two or three things physically that you like about yourself and share it here.

I am beautiful because when I smile my eyes dance and little wrinkles at the corners fan out.

I try to hold myself gracefully, but often look like a baby giraffe trying its legs for the first time.

I have big scarred stretch marks on my tummy from when I was pregnant, 15 years on they have faded to a silvery colour, dh calls them my woman stripes.

women of the world, you are beautiful you are amazing, you are unique.....

Deathraystare Fri 09-Jun-17 11:34:42

Well... I have a great sense of humour!!! I can also manage to make my face up quite well despite poor eyesight.

kickarse Fri 09-Jun-17 12:22:16

Ah Deathray a sense of humour is very much needed, it keeps the heart light and the mind active. Defiantly an attractive trait that will keep you and those around you amused!

Putting make up on is an art in itself as my dd says.

BusterGonad Fri 09-Jun-17 12:53:37

I'm tall with great legs (so I'm told by all my friends) I have a great sense of humor, big boobs which can be a bonus and a pain in the bottom, I'm really good at doing make up, I can do most looks and styles and can generally wear most colours too. I can look quite lovely glammed up!

kickarse Fri 09-Jun-17 13:19:53

Buster you sound like a an all round attractive woman, tall busty with great legs! Being able to wear most colours is fab, what do you like style wise?

Ledkr Fri 09-Jun-17 13:37:56

I have lovely hair, thick and easy to style.
I have good skin (50)
I'm a bit chubby but have a nice balanced shape.

Maverick66 Fri 09-Jun-17 13:41:23

I've lost 3 stone in last 10 months 👌

kickarse Fri 09-Jun-17 13:50:58

You sound confident and happy in your skin Ledkr, thick hair and good skin, super base in which to work from grin

Mave well do you! 3 stone in 10 months, a new woman for sure flowers

FusionChefGeoff Fri 09-Jun-17 13:58:58

I've got really into yoga recently so my curves are looking nicely toned.

My hair is a gorgeous colour with natural highlights and in great condition.

It's so tempting to try to negate some of this but that's not the point of the thread so I'll resist.

AnnaNimmity Fri 09-Jun-17 13:59:58

I looked at MFP this morning - I'm 22lb lighter than I was a year ago.

I can now (since the autumn) run 20k, cycle 100k and look pretty good. My body is toned and fit. I have energy.

I have brought 6 children into the world and my body has done this for me! It's pretty amazing actually.

I've withstood some horrible stuff over the last few years but have emerged stronger and fitter and feel that I can take on the world today (or at least tomorrow when I've got some sleep as I stayed up all night to watch the election). This is more important than the way I look.

I am actually pretty keen on myself .

BusterGonad Fri 09-Jun-17 14:22:01

Kickarse I love dresses, skater dresses, floral dresses, lace dresses. I really like 60's shapes and styles. I'm not sure I suit all colours of make up but I wear them anyway! Ha ha. I'm dark haired with pale skin so I think it's the hair that lets me get away with it! My dream outfit is a floral mini dress with lace, knee high suede boots and a faux fur jacket!!! If my legs are out then I think I look slimmer than I actually am!

Lottapianos Fri 09-Jun-17 14:28:19

Great thread idea!

My skin looks good - plump and glowy and no wrinkles, just a few fine lines. I do look after it with a thorough skincare routine, watching my diet, getting enough sleep, plenty of water etc

I have a great bum and good boobs

I can run 5k and do so 2-3 times a week. I could not have even imagined doing this about 6 years ago. I'm fitter, stronger, healthier and look loads better than I did when I was 21

Maudlinmaud Fri 09-Jun-17 14:28:49

I'm petite not short and skinny grin
My figure is in proportion. I dress to suit myself and clothes and makeup make me happy. I'm pretty but not beautiful and sometimes that makes me sad because there is a difference. I make the best of what I've got and I'm happy enough in my own skin.

HelenaJustina Fri 09-Jun-17 14:33:44

I have a good figure that I work hard to maintain, I'm fitter than I was in my 20s and I've carried 4 DC.

I read voraciously and love fiercely.

BusterGonad Fri 09-Jun-17 14:37:23

I'm not over weight or underweight, I'm a size 14 but I am tall so I can get away with outfits that maybe someone a bit shorter couldn't! I've been bigger and smaller but I've actually learnt to be happy with myself. When I'm dressed up and have my gorgeous make up on I feel really confident. I love my clothes and I love my cast make up collection. If I'm feeling low a new lipstick always lifts my spirits!

BusterGonad Fri 09-Jun-17 14:40:44

Vast not cast!

TheDogsMother Fri 09-Jun-17 14:49:50

We're not really programmed to do this are we but let's try anyway smile. I'm early 50s and following a couple of months of Jillian Michaels workouts I have managed to tone up and convert formerly flat bum to a rounder one; I have a neat sort of figure and I think I have a good sense of humour.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 09-Jun-17 14:50:03

I've got brilliant feet grin if a bit annoying because they're freakily thin which is a blighter to buy shoes for. But they look good .And function well.

And cheekbones- really good cheekbones.

That'll do for now

Stitchosaurus Fri 09-Jun-17 14:51:50

I have lovely hair, eyes and lips. DH is a big fan of my arse too, but I can't see that as well as he can grin

MaQueen Fri 09-Jun-17 14:54:01

Good skin
Good, white teeth
Long, toned legs

ThinkFastNotSlow Fri 09-Jun-17 14:57:25

Good thread. I used to have great boobs, not so much now after having kids but they're still pretty fantastic strapped up and lifted by underwiring and give me an hourglass shape (balances out the pudgy tummy...)

I'm told I look young for my age, but I'm not so bothered about ageing on general.

I have lovely shiny silky hair. Oh and I have good feet / ankles too, I totally rock sandals and high heels.

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 09-Jun-17 15:05:10

I have a strong sense of my own style in terms of hair/clothes/makeup, great boobs (no kids), and nice eyes. I'm not pretty or beautiful, but I am often told I am "striking" and "attractive".

BoredOnMatLeave Fri 09-Jun-17 15:12:01

I have thick long hair that looks like an amazing colouring and highlighting job but I've never dyed it. Good eyes, nose and lips too.

Thank you for this thread OP, been feeling down about myself recently.

areyoubeingserviced Fri 09-Jun-17 15:19:02

I have full lips and a shapely behind,
The irony is that in my teens and twenties I spent a lot of time trying to disguise these features ( wearing long tops and dark lipstick to make my lips look smaller)
Now people ask me if I have had fillers in my lips

SagelyNodding Fri 09-Jun-17 15:25:25

I have great hair, full shapely lips and a "harmonious" figure, not huge, not slim, but tall with curves. I honestly am just learning to like myself at 34 so this thread is great!

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