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Red lipstick

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Spinachinmyteeth Thu 08-Jun-17 05:20:51


Any hints on which shades of red lipstick are good for those who suit autumn colours? I've heard that reds without blue tones are good? But I'm awful with make up so have no idea exactly what that means! I never wear lipstick, but for some reason feel like getting a red one. I like the idea of it with an outfit I'm planning on wearing soon. It could be a mistake.....

GingerHanna Thu 08-Jun-17 05:39:18

What colour are your eyes and hair? I am pale, ginger with green eyes and have half a dozen red lipsticks. My go to one for work is MAC Chilli which is an orange red but gentle on the orange.

I find true reds or orange reds best for warm tones like myself. Stay away from blue or pink reds and think about the balance with any other make up you may choose to wear.

Spinachinmyteeth Thu 08-Jun-17 09:12:10

Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, fair but not too pale skin.

I'm hopeless with make up. Hardly wear any. With bright lips, would it be best to be fairly subtle with the rest? No OTT eyes or anything?

GingerHanna Fri 09-Jun-17 05:26:01

Red doesn't always mean bright and it will feel less bright after you've worn it for a few days.

I like either a light eyeshadow and dark eyeliner on top lid only or darker shaded eyeshadow and no liner. Just not too dark and heavy. Always some good mascara though and a little blusher, but not a lot. You've got to experiment and find what you are comfortable with. Just remember that you the red will feel brighter and more in your face for the first day or so and then you'll be so used to it you'll feel weird without it - I wear one shade or another nearly every day!

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Fri 09-Jun-17 15:17:21

Clinique berry freeze- it isn't too over the top but I can't say if it has blue tones or not. It is lovely, however.

Oogle Fri 09-Jun-17 15:33:34

I wear MAC Viva Glam IV. It's more subtle berry than bright.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Fri 09-Jun-17 15:44:15

nyx liquid suede, in kitten heels is a lovely clear red

but it is quite matte, and a bit of a bugger to put on! But it fairly stays on!

3dogsnorth Fri 09-Jun-17 15:48:07

Revlon lip butter in candy apple if you can get it. A sheer red for beginners and apparently suits everyone

user1497012351 Fri 09-Jun-17 16:36:34

I have a kate moss for rimmel one in shade 110. It is my 100% go to lipstick.
It is a matt really bright shade, on the warmer side and even with no other make up this lipstick makes me ready to go. It really pops. It's also super cheap so nothing wasted if it's not for you!

Ohyesiam Fri 09-Jun-17 23:00:32

Go to a Mac shop, and get then to go through it with you. They are great and really patient, last week went in with dd, 13, and we both had or make up done. They really listened and we hit the very different looks we were hoping for.

Ohyesiam Fri 09-Jun-17 23:00:52

* got not hit

FlindersKeepers Sat 10-Jun-17 11:16:39

Bobbi Brown Orange. It sounds horrible, but is a really pretty orange red which doesn't make your teeth look yellow. Can be blotted down to a stain, really easy to wear.
MAC Redd is probably the closest lip liner.

Spinachinmyteeth Sat 10-Jun-17 11:46:26

Thanks for all the responses. I'll settle down and have a look at them online later and go from there.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sat 10-Jun-17 13:56:33

Nars `Gypsy

Dior have a new bright sheer red, called Gentle red, it's more of a balm.

spankhurst Sat 10-Jun-17 13:59:06

Have a look at the Clinique Chubby Sticks which now come in an 'intense' formula too.

DarthMaiden Sat 10-Jun-17 21:31:33

This might help. Lisa Eldridge did a video on red lips explaining all the tones/variations as a guide to help choose your type of red.

Spinachinmyteeth Tue 13-Jun-17 09:20:51

That Lisa Eldridge video was great!

Thanks for all your comments. I went shopping and ended up buying NYX (brand I'd never heard of before this thread!) butter gloss in cherry pie. I wasn't quite brave enough for a matte red. This is quite sheer but still definitely red. I'm testing it out in work today.

RainbowDashian Wed 14-Jun-17 07:13:32

Bourjois rouge edition brun boheme is the only red I wear. I'd call it a muted brownish red but on me looks like a brighter red.
I tend to stick to bright corals if I want something bold or peachy colours for everyday.

sammy891 Wed 14-Jun-17 07:46:08

Lipstick Queen "Medieval" is very sheer and lovely on all skintones. Mac "Hot Tahiti" is another good one.

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