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Wearing short ivory jacket to a wedding?

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StarHeartDiamond Thu 08-Jun-17 00:05:38

With a coloured patterned dress and black heels & bag, and a coloured hat/fascinator. Jacket is short waist length with 3/4 sleeves. Is ivory acceptable or should I go for the black version? There is some black in the dress, so it would go, but I think ivory would look nicer, but I don't want to be frowned upon even though it's not bridal or anything smile

JuicyCake Thu 08-Jun-17 00:07:34

I wore an ivory sequined cardi with a floral dress & dark tights / shoes. Nothing bridal about it at all. Your outfit sounds lovely!

StarHeartDiamond Thu 08-Jun-17 07:41:27

Thanks Juicy smile I just don't want to make a faux pas!

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