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Where do late 20 somethings buy their going out clothes from?

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user1496531890 Tue 06-Jun-17 09:51:52

Just that really.

If you are late 20s / early 30s then where do you buy your going out dresses from??

dontcallmelen Tue 06-Jun-17 14:49:58

My dd shops mainly in topshop & asos, quite lucky where we live have a few independent clothes shops, that she picks up stuff now & then.

NikkiNoodle91 Tue 06-Jun-17 20:52:21

I like pretty little thing, got a lovely shirt dress off their website not long ago.

user1496531890 Tue 06-Jun-17 21:49:03

Any others? Just had a look on plt but they mostly seem short dresses and I like my knees covered smile

Gah81 Tue 06-Jun-17 22:31:01

I also like my knees covered! I choose dresses from: Baukjen, House of Foxy (the wiggle dresses) and also the Pretty Dress Company.

All depends on what kind of thing you like to wear when going out? I like wiggle dresses for that kind of thing...

SuperPug Tue 06-Jun-17 22:43:22

I love Collectif and their sales are great.
Sizes come up pretty small. I'd avoid jumpers but the other stuff is great.

ephemeralfairy Tue 06-Jun-17 22:44:32

Occasionally Topshop
Oasis have the odd nice thing

bojorojo Wed 07-Jun-17 00:47:15

DD is a big fan of Zara. Also Asos. She's mid 20s. She doesn't really do going out dresses. She's more into separates so jeans, tops, trousers, etc. And jackets, knitwear, t shirts and coats in the winter.

ShoutOutToMyEx Wed 07-Jun-17 00:52:02

I'm 26. For going to bars/parties I'd look in topshop, Asos and river island. For a special occasion French connection or Karen Millen.

Do you have an event in mind OP?

KindleBueno Wed 07-Jun-17 01:06:13

29 here. EBay because I'm always skint grin

user1496531890 Wed 07-Jun-17 05:55:33

Ive got my heart set on a dress but just trying to find something like it.
I'm after a black strappy bodycon dress that just finishes past the knee and has a small plunge neckline.

It's for a special night out..

Help me!

user1496531890 Sat 10-Jun-17 06:04:07

Any others?

PossumInAPearTree Sat 10-Jun-17 06:16:07

River island

MissBax Sat 10-Jun-17 06:18:50

I love H&M, ASOS, Boohoo, Zara mainly. Occasionally I'll pop into River Island or Topshop

Chestervase1 Sat 10-Jun-17 11:16:19

Dancing Leopard, Silk Fred and Asos.

LunaLunaDot Sat 10-Jun-17 11:22:36

A bit like this?

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