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Dressing for large chest

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Stressmess Mon 05-Jun-17 00:00:28

Ok I have a large chest which I feel is out of proportion with the rest of my body shape. I am tall, slim and carry no weight on my legs or bum and have a relatively flat stomach after having had two children but then massive boobs. I eat well and exercise twice a week but never loose weight from them, once they started growing they just never stopped. I have to dress to accommodate them going up a size.
I was standing looking in the mirror and lifted them up and it made me look so much slimmer. I feel sometimes frumpy or matronly because of them. I tend to cover them up rather than expose them. I am going on holiday soon and it is so hard getting things to fit and look good on me. Anyone else have the same problem?

GrumbleBumble Mon 05-Jun-17 00:02:21


Iamastonished Mon 05-Jun-17 00:03:24

Nope. I have the exact opposite problem and could do with a few more inches up top to look in proportion. I wish I had your problem.

GrumbleBumble Mon 05-Jun-17 00:03:28

Check out Pepperberry (aka the BigBoobies shop).

ittooshallpass Mon 05-Jun-17 00:11:58

I hear you... Wrap dresses are your friend. i get pretty camisoles to wear with mine so the 'V' can be as wide/ deep as it needs to be but the waist is the right size.

Pepperberry is good (although not greatest quality). But really any wrap dress is good.

Bombshell London are good too... but not cheap!

Ollivander84 Mon 05-Jun-17 00:13:15

Biubiu is a polish website but easy to shop from as you can change the language and the currency. Similar to pepper berry but cheaper

NotMeNoNo Mon 05-Jun-17 00:22:10

Very good bra.

People slate Pepperberry/Bravissimo on here for being poor quality or frumpy, but their prices must reflect they do a very unusual range of sizes and a small niche market. It's better to wear something a bit plainer that actually fits you rather than a tent or shirt with the buttons straining, I mean you can accessorise everything else and you will be able to have lovely jeans and shoes.

IME fitted to the waist (or at least under bust) is the key. I look 2 sizes smaller in a skater dress compared to a shapeless A-line dress. A well fitted, dark top vs a loose pale coloured one which looks like a pillow is stuffed under it makes a huge difference.

StarHeartDiamond Mon 05-Jun-17 00:32:30

I find that contrary to all the usual advice, v necks and wrap dresses emphasise large boobs by showing off a deep cleavage (v necks) and cutting in under the boobs and stretching over the boobs thus showing off their shape and size even more (wrap dresses).

You want tips which drake over your boobs, something fitted for you bottom half and then drapery, puffy top half. A great fitting bra is a must, balcony underwireds are the best as they lift and separate flatteringly compared to v-neck cups which push the breast tissue to the side which is matronly.

As for holiday wear, go for shorter summer skirts with a loose fitting tank or vest top, tucked in to show off your waist. Some cold shoulder dresses are good particularly ones with a belt or tie waist and some frill or detailing around the noobs. Again, contrary to popular belief drills and flounces don't make you look bigger as the bust size gets lost in the flouncy/puffy aspect and the eye settles on the skin parts e.g. Legs and arms, the extra fabric acts as a disguise or a veil. Gathered waists and skater dresses or skirts with box pleats or made from thick scuba material I'd stay clear of.

But wrap dresses, especially stretch ones really do just make bust look huge. and besides, they are a bit frumpy as they are not particularly fashionable. Today's wrap dresses are looser where the fabric is pulled more gently together, they are not bad in the right design.

StarHeartDiamond Mon 05-Jun-17 00:33:02

*tops which drape!

StarHeartDiamond Mon 05-Jun-17 00:33:53

Settles on the slim parts... darn autocorrect!

LorLorr2 Mon 05-Jun-17 00:37:45

Draw attention downwards to balance yourself out. As you're going on holiday perhaps those loose trousers with patterns? Keep your bottom half busy-looking basically. I have the opposite problem, so I keep my bottom half plain and use scarves and necklaces up top!

WesternMeadowlark Mon 05-Jun-17 03:50:45

While I haven't tried them myself yet, I've heard good things about Urkye.

NotMeNoNo Mon 05-Jun-17 08:27:53

To be honest we all have different proportions so you need to find what works for you. Taking some changing room selfies is a good way to compare different looks objectively.

GrumbleBumble Mon 05-Jun-17 15:03:31

starheart a v doesn't have to be deep and show miles of cleavage but the absolute enemy of the big boob is the crew neck (the bog standard t-shirt). A slight v is way more flattering than the dreaded crew neck.

NearlyFree17 Mon 05-Jun-17 16:11:00

Its all about the underwear IMHO.
OP have you been on the bra intervention threads? You need the right size bra to hold everything up properly. That stops clothes looking frumpy.

Rockaby Mon 05-Jun-17 17:13:55

This is me when I'm slim op! It's annoying, as it means I never look slender. I have been borderline underweight and still looked a bit fleshy, due to boobs. They're right next to your face as well, so it's a part everyone sees. Big bums are easier to disguise in normal day to day conversation (I imagine).

Currently I'm a bit pregnant, a bit overweight and a bit more in proportion as a result, (chubby all over). It would be a bit drastic to suggest you do the same though grin.

Definitely agree with pp suggestion of wrap dresses. Anything with a v neck works well on me and, surprisingly, some boat necks do too. I do not suit sleeveless or strappy tops. Nothing too low / revealing either as seems to look tackier on large boobs than on small ones imo.

jenster1976 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:25:43

As a 32 GG I have some experience here! I say no to wrap dresses and deep Vs as I think neither flatter me.

Boat necks, cowl necks and even some lower level crew type tops are best on me. Further I tend to stick to plain colours especially on top and simple shapes and silhouettes.

My current favourite most flattering dress is the Solange tshirt dress at Hush as it skims in the right place and is v slimming on me and doesn't make look top heavy despite having a crew neck!

Agree underwiring is all and personally steer well clear of pepperberry!

ittooshallpass Mon 05-Jun-17 21:39:14

I'm a 32GG too and struggle to find anything that fits well and flatters. I've just bought this as my 'go to' top for this summer. It's really flattering,ss:44&tbm=shop&srpd=12172659841430853817&prds=epd:7157339423459399525,cdl:1,cid:14942314722256915926&ved=0ahUKEwiolNmbx6fUAhVpIMAKHfYKAds4FBCBNgjCAw

ittooshallpass Mon 05-Jun-17 21:42:00

Trying link again:

AnnieOH1 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:46:59

Same - I've recently fallen in love with homeyee dresses on amazon. Xx

Madeyemoodysmum Mon 05-Jun-17 21:54:21

Pepper berry often have stuff in the sale section I've recently got a fab fur coat and a jumper for next winter that are beautiful and not at all frumpy .

crazymissdaisy Mon 05-Jun-17 21:54:55

Not entirely on topic, but I am a (fat) hourglass and I dress in what I hope is a flattering way to work (pencil skirts, good balcony bra, structured top etc), and I am single. Somehow having breasts that aren't flattened or totally disguised has made me get labelled as predatory! Male colleagues are awkward around me in a way that I can see does not happen with flatter-chested women or women who dress to disguise. I'm prepared for people to reply that that is just me being tarty in other ways, but I am really not, i'm not showing cleavage, just the shape of my breasts in well-cut clothes, not skin tight- it just feels that in the views of others, my breasts are not nicely dressed and framed for my benefit, but to attract men, which is not (at work) the case. Or maybe the same uneasiness would be apparent in male colleagues if I had beautiful long legs? My legs are fine, just not long! Has anyone else experienced this? Like at school, where the assumption was always " ? early to develop? you must be easy!"

Cherrypie32 Mon 05-Jun-17 23:17:48

staris spot on imo with her tips. Have a look at some tops that fit her description from Phase Eight, the 'Becca' springs to mind. I'm a 36FF and would never wear a wrap dress or anything cleavage enhancing. Makes them look ginormous!

RhythmAndStealth Mon 05-Jun-17 23:22:42

A line skirts.

PickAChew Mon 05-Jun-17 23:26:41

32GG/30H here.

Firstly, a decent bra is your friend. I have a couple which are really comfortable, but which give my boobs a sort of looking in opposite directions shape, which makes some of my usual tops too tight on me.

My others give them a more rounded shape and hold them a bit higher and clothes hang so much better, even those with high necks and boxier shapes.

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