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Just bought my first pair of high heels in almost 10 years

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LadyBitterSparkles Sun 04-Jun-17 18:15:55

And I love them! I haven't really worn heels since I got pregnant with the first DC. I'm surprised I can remember how to walk in them grin

nameohnameohname Sun 04-Jun-17 19:20:52

Ooh nice. I love a sparkly shoe!

Queenofthedrivensnow Sun 04-Jun-17 23:40:32

Lush where are they from?

LadyBitterSparkles Sun 04-Jun-17 23:59:51

Nine West. Bought them in House of Fraser.

PippaFawcett Mon 05-Jun-17 00:02:02

Well they are beautiful

BunsBumpBlur Mon 05-Jun-17 00:03:19

Lovely! Have fun wearing them.

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