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Skin advice needed for hot date

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Graphista Sat 03-Jun-17 11:37:49

Got a (very) hot date in just under a week, unfortunately a combination of pre-menopausal hormones and dermotillamania habit I'm trying to break my face is looking a tad pizza like. Any improvement would be GREAT! I'm normally pretty minimalist in my treatment of my skin as its sensitive. Just a gentle face wipe and Nivea moisturiser twice a day.

What methods products would you recommend.

Again VERY hot date coming up grin fb I'm hoping may turn into more wink

andintothefire Sat 03-Jun-17 12:18:23

If the date is soon then you need good makeup. Can you go to a beauty counter and ask for their advice? You need primer, a good light foundation (or similar) and a great concealer. Perhaps also consider a facial (but not extractions shortly before the date).

One of the best tips I've seen from Lisa Eldridge is to focus on the best parts of your face and not to draw attention to the worst bits of your skin by trying to cover up too much. So maybe highlighter and nice blusher if your cheek zone is good. Otherwise, dramatic eye make up will draw attention there! Also make sure you have fantastic hair.

For longer term, like many on this board I am a fan of La Roche Posay. However I did break out for about five weeks when I started on the Effaclar Duo (but now my skin is much better) so I wouldn't recommend a dramatic change in your skincare regime shortly before a date.

Have fun!

PovertyJetset Sat 03-Jun-17 12:27:33

Do you use facial/cosmetic wipes? If so then they are possibly irritating your skin, they are very harsh!
Also Nivea is heavily scented so again, you may well find that's not helping you either.

La Roche posey is fantastic, especially for sensitive/problem skin.
Hot cloth cleanse with almond oil
Pat dry
Apply serum, allow to dry
Apply light moisturiser, allow to dry/settle at least 15 mins.
Apply primer- I love clarins beauty flash balm. It's the tits.
Then your makeup. It's worth having a go at a smokey eye a la you tube as it can make a huge difference to making your eyes really pop. Keep the rest simple. But flawless. Use a beauty blender to apply foundation, use a fixing spray at the end like Mac studio fix.

Smell lovely, iron your clothes and make sure you've got your best lingerie on! Also- make sure you're wearing something you can slip in/out of easily wink

Graphista Sat 03-Jun-17 13:31:38

Worst part is forehead. Only moisturisers I've ever been able to use WITHOUT reacting are Nivea and Clinique and I can't afford Clinique just now.

Yes facial wipes so debating a cream cleanser. Dry skin so facial washes make it worse.

Make-up - 16 yr old daughter is my in-house expert BUT I don't necessarily want her to know yet as I don't know if things will go further.

I'm very basic on makeup myself usually -

Cream to powder base
Neutral eyes as not my best feature, rarely use blusher as tend to redness anyway
Make the most of my lips as they are full and well shaped.

Graphista Sat 03-Jun-17 13:32:53

Clothes are not a problem probably won't be wearing them for long if past experience any indication wink

andintothefire Sat 03-Jun-17 14:01:57

Graphista - it sounds like you need to do an amazing lip in that case! Forehead should be fairly easy to conceal but I really would recommend an all over primer and light foundation (or BB cream etc). I also tend to redness but I find that a very light peachy blusher on the top of my cheekbones seems to work well on top of a good base. Bourjois do some good inexpensive blushers.

I think PovertyJetset's tips for how to prepare your skin beforehand are perfect.

What's your hairstyle? Can you do a sweeping side parting to take attention away from your forehead?

Graphista Sat 03-Jun-17 14:21:28

Yes I'll wear a very subtle peachy blush sometimes.

Hair long (too long at moment) straight with a few waves no fringe and too much bloody grey right now so need to dye it too which he likes me to wear down. Centre parting

PovertyJetset Sat 03-Jun-17 15:33:53

Your hair sounds lovely, you could
Put a semi through it to give it some shine. Get some wide tongs and put in some big waves?

Graphista Sat 03-Jun-17 18:22:33

I have sadly very stubborn hair! Only permanent dyes make ANY difference especially to the grey. Ditto curls, there's a natural wave there but even perms (80's it was what u did grin) didn't always take.

I can get a very slight wave if I use bendy rollers.

Hairq Sat 03-Jun-17 18:50:08

Hot cloth cleansing with cetaphil may help (instead of face wipes). It's very gentle and if you use it twice each time you cleanse it can really make a difference. Use a flannel as your cloth and warm-hand hot water.

birdspooping Sat 03-Jun-17 19:26:30

Recently discovered that aspirin (aka aspirin facial) is magic for getting rid eruptions practically overnight. Crush up a few aspirins and mix with a tiny bit of water to make a paste. The paste will still be crumbly so when you put it on the affected areas use plasters to hold it there overnight. Looks ridiculous but it's miraculous and wish I'd discovered it 20 years ago.

Hope the date goes well grin

Graphista Sat 03-Jun-17 22:19:30

What's cetaphil?

The aspirin one is interesting might try that. Willow bark is known to be soothing for sensitive skin.

I don't have any in as we're both allergic but I'd be fine to use on face I think.

Ktown Sun 04-Jun-17 08:14:23

Get some cetsphil and use it for the next week
And a cream cleanser to remove make up first
And salicylic acid/aspririn face mask used a couple of times

BusterGonad Sun 04-Jun-17 08:24:40

I agree, ditch the wipes, they are hell for your skin, I have dry sensitive skin and like old fashioned skin care (I have no spots) I use baby lotion rubbed in then removed with damp cotton wool. I've always used it, I've tried other stuff but I always come back to baby lotion. Not Johnsons though as it stings! confused I use Boots, Sainsburys, Asda. I'm sure you get the drift! 😂 it's great at removing make up and leaves my skin very soft.

BusterGonad Sun 04-Jun-17 08:25:46

Oh and I declared my la k of spots just to enforce the fact it's a very gentle cleanser, not as a stealth boost! blush

Graphista Sun 04-Jun-17 11:46:51

No worries I got what you meant.

Baby lotion sounds like a plan and I'll look for cetaphil

BusterGonad Sun 04-Jun-17 12:08:13

Honestly Op, baby lotion really is the best and it's great as a body moisturizer too. Usually it's really cheap as well but don't go too cheap! 😂

Graphista Sun 04-Jun-17 13:00:08

I like cheap, cheaps good. I've found cheap is usually less likely to have stuff in I react to!

Hairq Sun 04-Jun-17 13:11:16

OP, Cetaphil is a non foaming cleanser for very sensitive skin that can usually be found in the medical section in Boots with all the E45 cream etc. A container lasts for ages and it works really well if you rub it in then remove with a hot flannel then repeat. It removes make up too so you can use it morning and night.

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