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Alexa Chung - I don't get it!!

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knowler Wed 31-May-17 21:07:45

Alexa Chung has just released her first collection. £330 for a polo shirt!! I just don't get the adulation that she attracts. Yes, she's tall and skinny and generally looks ok in what she wears. But so do a lot of ppl. What am I missing?

collection here

BandeauSally Wed 31-May-17 21:09:59


BandeauSally Wed 31-May-17 21:11:15

Some of that stuff is quite nice but some is just hideous!! you get that all over the industry though. Not exclusive to AC.

knowler Wed 31-May-17 21:11:17

My point exactly, sally grin

BandeauSally Wed 31-May-17 21:11:46


knowler Wed 31-May-17 21:12:13

But AC has always been held up as such an icon... and that's what I don't get. Why??!!

RiseandGrind Wed 31-May-17 21:15:06

I think it's the 'edge' thing, i.e. man repeller clothing. This is not someone I aspire to look like.

BandeauSally Wed 31-May-17 21:15:56

Personally I think she looks mostly awful in her outfits. There is the odd winner but it is rare. It's a matter of opinion though isn't it. I don't see what others see in her style but if they're happy to pay over a grand for a silver sleeveless jacket then more power to them grin

Vroomster Wed 31-May-17 21:16:59

I have never understood the fuss about her.

knowler Wed 31-May-17 21:27:15

I was hoping someone was going to come on to make the case for Alexa!! Someone must see something that I don't!

BigGreenOlives Wed 31-May-17 21:32:37

She looks amazing in some of the head shots of her at my hairdressers.

mewkins Wed 31-May-17 21:38:03

I think she looks fab. Don't particularly like those clothes she is trying to flog though. I am not entirely sure she would wear them herself.

Maudlinmaud Wed 31-May-17 21:42:43

She has a look and style that appear to be very on trend. She looks cool and intelligent if that's even possible. Young women seem to love her. If I dressed like her I'd look like a bag lady so it's definitely not a look I could pull off.

bingohandjob Wed 31-May-17 23:01:52

I'll give her one thing - she must have one hell of an agent.

ClementineWardrobe Wed 31-May-17 23:03:35

I've never worked out what she does for a living, does anyone know? She's just sort of 'there'

BusterGonad Thu 01-Jun-17 14:00:58

She can look amazing, she's a bit too slim imo though. Some of her clothes are beautiful, she's not boring in her choices, she gives anything a whirl regardless, she doesn't dress safe, for example Jenifer Aniston is very safe in her choices.
I actually love the bracelet with the hands on!
I'd love these 2 outfits she's wearing, they are beautiful.

Bombardier25966 Thu 01-Jun-17 14:10:38

She looks pretty average to me. Now there's nothing wrong with average, but it's difficult to see what makes her some kind of icon.

nina2b Thu 01-Jun-17 14:36:40

I think Alexa is just perfect as is her style. This image is not current but she looks amazing here. Love the mix of luxe and heavy:

nina2b Thu 01-Jun-17 14:38:08


nina2b Thu 01-Jun-17 14:41:59

More recent:

knowler Thu 01-Jun-17 15:37:24

Not convinced by pics nina but obvs it's all a question of individual taste and style. I think my biggest difficulty tho is that there doesn't seem to be much behind the clothes... she's not an actor, on tv, that sort of thing. Maybe I'm just too old to appreciate her 'look' by itself.

Reow Thu 01-Jun-17 15:38:39

Her clothes are horrid. Even on a beanpole like her.

She needs a pie. Grumble grumble.

BusterGonad Thu 01-Jun-17 15:49:53

I like the clothes she wears that are quite 60s but I'm not a fan of the mum jeans and 80s stuff.

TheHiphopopotamus Thu 01-Jun-17 15:53:36

She used to present Popworld with someone called Alex something or other after Simon Amstel left and I actually quite liked her on that.

But, as someone upthread said, she doesn't actually seem to do anything these days (unless you count being a professional girlfriend, and turning up at the opening of an envelope or two).

I'm not sold on her style, if I'm honest. She looks like she doesn't brush her hair often enough and her clothes look like she's raided the jumble bag. I wish she'd gone on to be a proper presenter.

toffeeboffin Thu 01-Jun-17 15:53:39

I guess she's so perfectly average that she's amazing?

I don't get it either.

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