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ForFSake Wed 31-May-17 20:55:06

Does anyone tightline and if so how do you apply and what do you use?

The reason I ask is, I'm normally pretty good at applying eyeliner and have used both pencil and liquid over the years (have used liquid for the past 5 years or so)

I have been using a pencil liner, but in all honesty, when I try and tightline, it makes my eyes look all cloudy/ bloodshot and smudgy. It goes on my bottom lids too, which I don't want and just sort of smudges.

I also can't seem to get a good, defined black line with pencil eyeliner?

Any tips?

BadlyDrawnBuoy Wed 31-May-17 23:42:46

Ditch the pencil and pick up these from Space NK instead :

If you can get to a store, one of the assistants will demo it for you. If that's not possible there are several you tube clips you can watch. The key is to get the brush the perfect degree of damp, and to keep close to the lash line. It looks ace when you get the hang of it.

sweating Thu 01-Jun-17 08:39:37

Fuck me, £40! There has to be a cheaper way of achieving this?

I'm in the same boat, OP. Looked fab for half an hour and I though OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING. Then it all transferred onto my lower waterline due to blinking and my eyes just looked tiny and dark. Sigh.

murphys Thu 01-Jun-17 08:49:48

I am also finding it a bit difficult to master.

Never mind the fact that my eyes water when I'm trying to do it, so much so I can hardly see.....

MrsPughSingsSleafordMods Thu 01-Jun-17 08:54:23

I had to google tightlining as never heard of it then Realised my mum used to do this all the time. She used a pencil liner, it wouldn't have been expensive either. I would have thought a waterproof one would be ideal. It looks really effective but I'm far too squeamish to do it.

hollieberrie Thu 01-Jun-17 09:37:36

I tightline. I'm very fair and it makes a real difference to my look whilst still looking natural iyswim.
I use either Seventeen Tattoo Me eyeliner which doesnt budge (and cheap!) or just a dark grey kohl pencil - i have one from Maybelline.
Dont touch the waterline, just dot and wiggle in between the lash roots. Like this:

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