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kaytee87 Wed 31-May-17 10:00:38

Going back to work at the end of July after 13 months off on maternity leave. I want to buy a new work wardrobe before I go back but struggling to find anything online (hate looking round the shops). Dress code business casual, probably need 4 or 5 outfits and don't mind spending up to £1000 probably.
Can anyone suggest places to try?

bojorojo Wed 31-May-17 10:08:30

John Lewis and House of Fraser on line. Lots of different brands in one place. Zara. Hobbs. LK Bennett. Massimo Dutti.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 31-May-17 12:08:31

I've just bought some Gap slim leg trousers, which I'm hoping will prove to be a good addition to my work wardrobe.


missmoon Wed 31-May-17 15:19:27

Jigsaw is good for workwear

Djangor Wed 31-May-17 15:42:36

Meandem, Finery (try via John Lewis to get easier returns) and The Fold - although the latter may be too formal (

carrie74 Wed 31-May-17 17:27:50

Cos as well

Loopytiles Wed 31-May-17 17:33:21

I go for quantity over quality because stuff, including expensive stuff, that's heavily worn for work wears out! And gets depressing.

It is reasonably easy to get tops and skirts online, trousers and suits much harder.

Might be worth a trip to a department store or big shopping centre and just blitzing it.

Summer workwear is a PITA!

OllyBJolly Wed 31-May-17 17:37:13

I had an appointment with a John Lewis personal shopper. She suggested some stuff I would never have looked at. I looked a million times better (low start point!). Keep thinking I should go again for some summer things.

fiorentina Wed 31-May-17 17:40:44

I agree with John Lewis for Hobbs, Jigsaw and some of their own brand bits as well as good shoes. I would say maybe wait a few weeks and sales will start and you may get more for your money. I also like Cos and Uniqlo for a few basics.

Unexpectedbaby Wed 31-May-17 18:01:22

I am the exact same position. I have got most of my new stuff from Zara.

& Other Stories do beautiful silk shirts!

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