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Stylish supportive shoes for walking

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HughLauriesStubble Wed 31-May-17 07:52:09

I have a dodgy back and do loads of walking but I don't like runners at all. I need a shoe that will give decent support and cushioning while looking stylish enough to wear with day dresses/skirts and more casual outfit too. I've been looking at sketchers and see that they have a huge range of shoes. I vaguely remember having a pair in my youth that lasted ages and felt like walking on cushions. Are they stillthe same? Would I be unreasonable to buy a few different designs and just work with them? The mary janes look versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

HughLauriesStubble Wed 31-May-17 22:45:30


sonlypuppyfat Wed 31-May-17 22:47:32

I'm interested in this too, so I'll bump it too

dglv Wed 31-May-17 22:50:04

Have you had a look at the 'Fit Flop' range? Or 'Fly'

Both of those are very good and well rated, might be worth a little look?! smile

bingohandjob Wed 31-May-17 22:58:38

Maybe Ecco or Geox?

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