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Help me find a concealer

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ExplodingCarrots Tue 30-May-17 11:20:35

I'm off to Cardiff tomorrow and my trusty Mac Pro Longwear concealer has just run out. I would usually re purchase but would like a change and as I'm in Cardiff tomorrow I want to take advantage of choice.

I'm very fair
Need good coverage
Sub £20 ideally but will stretch to £30 if it's good.

I've tried the Collection one and whilst it's good for the price it oxidises quite badly.

user1488756360 Tue 30-May-17 11:22:08

Bobbi brown corrector and concealer smile

ExplodingCarrots Tue 30-May-17 12:01:50

Thanks user , noted!

ArseyTussle Tue 30-May-17 12:05:56

Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum concealer, best one I've tried.

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 30-May-17 12:15:39

Here are a few I use, I like to chop and change.

Clarins, Instant concealer
Bourjois, blur the lines concealer
Dior, Diorskin nude, skin perfecting hydrating concealer.
Clinique, Airbrush concealer.

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 30-May-17 12:16:47

I forgot to add the Bobbi brown intensive skin serum concealer.

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 30-May-17 12:18:16

X post with Arsey grin

OuchLegoHurts Tue 30-May-17 12:25:51

There's a new Nars one that is absolutely amazing - I got a tester of it and am definitely going to buy it, amazing coverage and lasts all day. It's called Radiant Creamy Concealer.

DarthMaiden Tue 30-May-17 12:27:55

I like the nars one. Prefer it to the Bobbi one tbh.

However the one I reach for ATM is the hourglass concealer.

Lots of people rave about Laura Mercia secret camouflage - never tried it but might be worth going to the counter to check it out.

RumbleRoar Tue 30-May-17 12:35:08

Maybelline age rewind eye concealer is good.

Littlemissindifferent Tue 30-May-17 12:37:45

I have the worst dark circles and used to think that high end was the best. Now I'm using L'Oreal True Match and find this really good - and much cheaper!

PutThatPomBearBack Tue 30-May-17 12:52:48

Collection lasting perfection concealer is amazing. Only £4 and recommended by all the 'beauty gurus' cringe

Notonaschoolnight Tue 30-May-17 12:56:53

Nars soft matte complete concealer came out a couple of months ago £24 ish it's the bomb can do both under eye and blemishes it's in a pot not a wand

hiimmumma Tue 30-May-17 12:58:46

Benefit erase paste

smashyourglasses Tue 30-May-17 13:01:07

Diorskin skin perfecting hydrating concealer - this one has been discontinued sad

Neverknowing Tue 30-May-17 13:05:06

Seventeen by boots do a really good one! It comes in a very fair shade too. Other than that I like the Nars creamy concealer and the urban decay naked one. They big come in shades light enough for me too smile

Maudlinmaud Tue 30-May-17 13:05:51

I got nip and fab banana cream in a beauty box. I really like it. You apply it under foundation and it brightens up under the eyes. I think it comes in other shades to suit different skin tone and correct other issues. I like clarins concealer too, not keen on nars as it creases under my eyes.

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 30-May-17 13:17:16

smash Have you tried boots online, that's where I got mine from a few months back.

AlletrixLeStrange Tue 30-May-17 13:25:14

Benefit Boi-Ing is my go to - it's fantastic!
DO NOT buy Benefit Porefessional (or whatever the bloody hell they call it --that piece of crap--)

LexieLulu Tue 30-May-17 13:30:21

Urban decay naked concealer is amazing, and I also love the Mac one that you are currently using

SuperFlyHigh Tue 30-May-17 15:00:18

I always use collection 2000 for spots and maybelline lumi Magique (I think but it's Maybelline) for under eyes.

Clinique air brush used to be my go to more expensive one though.

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 30-May-17 15:05:15

For a cheaper concealer I use Loreal la touche magique.

ExplodingCarrots Tue 30-May-17 15:14:43

Thank you so much. I've written all these down. I can't remember if there's a nars counter in Cardiff, will check.
I agree the collection one is great coverage and I purchased it because of the hype but it oxides and it goes orange under my eyes sad . It can be a pain finding products for my ghostly pale skin.

MusicToMyEars800 Tue 30-May-17 15:20:34

I always ask for testers because of oxidizing, It helps massively on that annoying thing of trying a foundation or concealer in the shop, thinking ooh yes that's nice and my colour, getting it home using it and being turned into an orange! grin then having to either use lightening drops, or having to give it away because of the shade.

SuperFlyHigh Tue 30-May-17 15:21:30

OP, I personally don't use the Collection one under eyes... Use separate ones for imperfections and under eyes.

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