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SPF to apply over makeup? (powder, etc)

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raindropstea Tue 30-May-17 08:27:48

Does anyone have a suggestion for a powder with SPF in it or any kind of SPF product that you can apply OVER your makeup throughout the day? I wear an SPF 30 or 50 under my makeup, but I've been thinking that only applying it once in the morning before I head out is not enough. I think I should be applying SPF again later in the day a few hours apart. What do you do for this? Do you only apply it once and then leave your makeup alone?

I have dryish skin, so I don't use a lot of powder, but I need to find some way to apply SPF again later in the day when I'm out and about.

Deathraystare Tue 30-May-17 08:34:29

There is one that springs to mind. Damned if I can remember it though. I think it was aimed at men so perhaps by Peter Thomas Roth (I haven't just made that up, have I? It might be sold at SpaceNK if I do remember rightly.

Ktown Tue 30-May-17 08:40:26

Chanel Les beiges powder has uva and uvb protection as do some bronzers
SPF 'chemical' creams gave me a false sense of security and now I think it is best not to sunbathe. Most only provide protection for a couple of hours. Your best bet would be to use a zinc oxide formula which lasts longer unless it gets rubbed off.

raindropstea Tue 30-May-17 09:35:42

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into the chanel one. I only use a tiny bit of bronzer, so I don't think that would work for me as an adequate amount of SPF to top up. I googled and found a product called Color Science that's a brush on SPF powder. Wondering if anyone here has tried it? I need a powder that doesn't go on cakey or leave dry patches.

destructogirl Tue 30-May-17 09:42:36

Lush do a powder with spf, I think it's called sunshine powder. I used it on my last holiday, it was great.

Jmangel Tue 30-May-17 09:57:37

LRP do an SPF 50facial spray for over make up - it's a bit weird and goes on so finely I'm never sure if it's on my face but I haven't burned so must be doing something. I have to spray by an open window though as it gives off more fumes than spray!!

raindropstea Tue 30-May-17 10:00:42

Jmangel, does it leave your makeup in place after you spray it on? No residue or patchiness?

lifeistooshort Tue 30-May-17 10:01:56

I have used the garnier moisture bomb spray, it has SPF in it.

I also use Missha aqua sun block

Otherwise lots of people swear by the biore one

Jmangel Tue 30-May-17 12:01:57

Yes it doesn't affect the makeup at all - barely feel anything other than a light mist. Worth a shot.

raindropstea Tue 30-May-17 12:07:32

Oh sounds great! Thanks all smile

Liiinoo Tue 30-May-17 14:39:58

The spray sounds great but what does LRP stand for. I googled it and amongst other definitions Urban Dictionary said Long Range Pimping!

GraceGrape Tue 30-May-17 14:43:31

Alternatively, could you use one of the all day sunscreens? Boots does an invisible spray that I like.

mrsmortis Tue 30-May-17 14:56:55

I use this one:

It works as a setting spray so it's designed to go over makeup.

KatharinaRosalie Tue 30-May-17 14:58:56

La Roche face spray as recommended above - it's very light and does not affect your make up at all

sycamore54321 Tue 30-May-17 16:31:39

Bare Mineals do both a powder sunscreen, and their light powder Mineral Veil has I think about SPF25 either (the colours of their sunscreen were too dark for me so I used the MV one).

seefeld Tue 30-May-17 18:02:23

Another La Roche Posay factor 50 spray recommendation here - doesn't disturb my makeup at all and it also prevented me from burning on holiday.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Tue 30-May-17 18:06:40

Can peeps who use the LRP spray tell me if you end up looking a bit shiny after it? Have been using SP50 for face, but it makes me shiiiiineeeey.

seefeld Tue 30-May-17 23:02:15

It doesn't make my skin look shiny at all

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Tue 30-May-17 23:06:55

Good to know seefeld thanks.

LockedOutOfMN Tue 30-May-17 23:12:40

La Roche Posay

GingerLDN Wed 31-May-17 00:41:42

Beketaten Wed 31-May-17 01:45:00

Bare Minerals do an SPF30 powder sunscreen with built-in brush - and also an SPF25 finishing powder -

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