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What clothes to take for 3 weeks in Thailand

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ginorwine Mon 29-May-17 16:28:09

Dd going for 3 weeks - it will be the start of the rainy season
She is about to start a levels and I said I'd research for her
She will be trekking
Doing adventure sports
Meals out
Hoping to find suitable footwear that she will wear as well as clothes
I'm not sure what she could wear away from the beaches - say to shop in Bancock as she wants to be respectful and covered but it is supposed to be v humid ..

RedMetamorphosis Mon 29-May-17 16:42:44

To be honest, she will end up buying a load of cheap dresses and trousers like all the other backpackers on the islands, so if I were her, I wouldn't take too much.

Comfortable hiking boots or trainers depending on what sort of adventure sports she's doing. Lots of shorts, maxi skirts and plain tshirt tops will be fine. Sarongs/scarves are multi purpose and really useful.

Unless going into temples, I never found I had to wear anything different in Bangkok, but then I was more likely to wear baggy boyfriend style shorts and a tshirt there, than anything more revealing.

Probably the most important thing will be travel insurance. Check for a fully comprehensive one and what it covers/does not cover. Too many young people have been caught out recently by doing activities which invalidates their insurance and then having to rely on fundraising to get them treatment and get them home.

ginorwine Mon 29-May-17 17:05:24

Been looking for sarongs on e bay just now !!

OCSockOrphanage Mon 29-May-17 17:46:57

She won't need very much because it will be fairly cheap to have laundry done, although she may need two changes of clothes some days. But I am sure she will want souvenir clothing so suggest very basic stuff to take with her.

specialsubject Mon 29-May-17 18:42:29

She needs

- t shirts with elbow length sleeves ( and wear a bra so take cotton ones)
- long shorts
- one skirt, long, cotton
- flip flops for inside hostel
- closed trainers for outside - mucky streets, things that bite
- beachwear is boardshorts, bikini top and rash vest over to keep sun off
- sun hat
- one fleece top for aircon places
- decent rain jacket
- proper walking shoes and socks
- 50% d e e t insect repellent
- weapons grade sunscreen
- all the childhood jabs
- insurance as mentioned, covering whatever she is doing
- the knowledge that drunk or drugged means no insurance, and the hazards of those dirty full moon parties if going to one of those. Ditto motorbikes - just don't.

As.mentioned you get your laundry done in Thailand. All stuff in similar colours and nothing she values. If she wants to buy the comedy backpacker kit it is available, but hopefully she has better things to do than shop.

whirlycurly Mon 29-May-17 20:58:53

One night market trip will sort her out if she's standard size - I've just come back with some lovely cotton printed vest tops - about £1.50 each. Printed dresses and trousers are everywhere- and prices are cheap.

I lived in linen or cotton shorts and vest tops. Lightweight t shirts essential to cover shoulders when sun at its highest.

I lived in havaianas freedom sandals - they are amazingly comfortable and suitable for beach, shopping and with dressier stuff for the evenings. I saw lots of havaianas on sale there - couldn't vouch for their authenticity though. Hope she has a great time - it's a fantastic place smile

specialsubject Mon 29-May-17 21:10:47

Standard size for Thailand is smaller than most of us, and especially my size 8 feet.

whirlycurly Wed 31-May-17 18:07:16

I'm certainly no dainty thing (size 12, 34e boobs, size 8 feet) and was honestly ok this time. I don't think I've bought as much on previous visits. Plenty of converse and havaianas in my size available. The "one size" dresses and trousers tend to be around a 12 and feature a good amount of elastic. That helps. grin

AnnaNimmity Wed 31-May-17 18:10:18

When I was out in that area in Feb, all the backpackers were wearing little black shorts and vest tops

flip flops

I think little sundresses also good.

She can buy other stuff there like sarongs etc.

Thedot90 Wed 31-May-17 18:28:59

I did backpacking in Thailand when I finished university (5 years ago) and ended up wearing the same 2 pairs of shorts the entire time. We started in the north with the trekking and all ended up ditching our trainers after as they were wrecked and we didn't want to carry them for the rest of the trip, so I wouldn't go buying expensive walking boots or anything.

Do pack a jumper/fleece if she is planning to stay up in the hills in the north as it can be cold at night, and overnight buses can blast the aircon. Otherwise, although we also went in rainy season, when she is at the islands she won't need anything very warm, and rain tends to be torrential and short lived.

Flip flops will go most places. For the temples in Bangkok I had harem-style pants and a t shirt, but they give out long sarongs to tourists if they are not "appropriately" dressed so I wouldn't overthink it.

I think I did take a pair of heels but ended up being a ridiculous thing to take (unless she will be spending a lot of time in Bangkok where there are fancier hotel bars, but doesn't sound like that will be the case).

The backpacker places are very laid back, and even if you pack a perfect suitcase for her she will end up buying cheap dresses and vest tops when she is there!

Very jealous, hope she has an amazing time!

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