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can I take make up on a plane

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tralaaa Mon 29-May-17 10:34:45

I've googled it and the advise is about 100 mil clear bottles. But can I take lipstick and mascara. I'm worried it will be taken off me. Does anyone know please

KatoPotato Mon 29-May-17 10:41:48

Lipstick, gloss, mascara etc is fine, just make sure its in your clear bag!

Lifeisdinky Mon 29-May-17 10:44:23

Yes fine but remember all items must fit into a single bag and bag should close.

CurlsLDN Mon 29-May-17 10:45:49

Yep fine, I flew to the USA yesterday with my make up in hand luggage.

If you look at the packaging, if it's measured in ML it's classed as a liquid and subject to restriction, if it's measured in grams it's fine. So eg I think you'll find most lipstick or pots of thick concealer are in grams.
However, I'm sure a lipstick would be well under the 100ml mark even if it were a liquid!

splendide Mon 29-May-17 10:47:14

I've been made to put lipsticks in a clear bag as fluids recently. But they squeezed in ok!

tralaaa Mon 29-May-17 10:48:17

Oh lovely thank you will pop to boots and buy a clear bag. I need to pack but I'm putting it off!

MsMarvel Mon 29-May-17 10:49:23

Ive gone through once and been told off for not putting my lipstick with my liquids, amd told patronisingly that it was a 'solid liquid' hmm

Then next time was told it was a solid and I shouldnt be putting it with my liquids. So who knows.

What was annoying though, was then they were doing a random swab test on my stuff , and the guy took great pleasure of opening my new expensive foundation that I had with me in case my other (almost finished) one ran out. And squeezed a massive blob into the tester thing with a smirk.

sooperdooper Mon 29-May-17 10:49:46

You can pick up the bags at the airport if you want to save a job of nipping out just to get one

BiddyPop Mon 29-May-17 11:01:17

The clear bag is for "liquids, pastes and gels" - so I include mascara, lipstick, foundation and concealer in that. Powder, powder blusher, eyeshadow, and pencils (lip and eye) are normally in my other washbag which doesn't go through separately.

Anything "liquid" (see above definition) must go in a clear plastic bag of no greater than 1 litre and which is sealable. Normally there are Ziploc bags available at airports, but I have a strong plastic pouch from Boots or somewhere that zips closed and I have never had a problem with that.

Within the bag, you can have as many items as you want, as long as none is more than 100ml and the bag closes. You don't have to have things in clear bottles in the bag - only that the bag is clear to see those items. So I have a few clear bottles from Muji for shampoo and conditioner and shower gel (100ml for long trips, but I also have 30ml bottles for 2 night trips to save space). But I also have sample pots of my Estee Lauder moisturizer and serum, a regular lip balm, L'Occitane hand cream (30ml travel size), my makeup in it's own containers etc. And a deodorant which takes up the most space but I cannot find a smaller size that works for me (100ml)!

tralaaa Mon 29-May-17 11:10:09

Thank you busy sorting it all out now I think I will get 2 bags and put liquids in one and powders in the other

Whatthefoxgoingon Mon 29-May-17 11:57:34

I've never had to put my stick deodorant (I use Mitchum) in the clear bag, in case anyone wants to save space. A roll on deodorant will be classed as a liquid though.

Chewbecca Mon 29-May-17 12:05:23

You don't need to put powders in the clear bag, plus you are only allowed one bag.

shesabrick Mon 29-May-17 12:14:21

Just leave the powders in your normal make up bag. Only one clear bag per person is often enforced these days I've noticed. Luckily I am usually with DC so use their allowance !

SuperFlyHigh Mon 29-May-17 12:19:43

Whatthefox that's a great idea re the stick deodorant, will remember that one!

Doobigetta Mon 29-May-17 12:35:14

I was told by one of the security scan people that although powders technically aren't restricted, the scanners can't distinguish them from liquids, so to avoid getting sent back through loads of times it's better to put them in the clear bag.

specialsubject Mon 29-May-17 12:45:18

You only get one bag, cheap poundland ones do.

Restrictions are liquids, gels and pastes, and have been for over a decade which is why security staff are probably losing patience.

BiddyPop Mon 29-May-17 13:38:23

My second bag isn't clear - its just a small pouch to hold my powder makeup, brushes and some cotton wool pads, nail file and a few earbuds.

Sorry, I hope I didn't cause confusion there.

specialsubject Mon 29-May-17 13:55:14

Ah, I see. Doesn't need to be shown separately as no liquids, gels or pastes.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 29-May-17 14:38:56

Last time I flew I had my normal makeup bag in my handbag, but moved things like eyedrops and perfume into the clear plastic bag. (We had hold luggage though, which made it easier.)

tralaaa Mon 29-May-17 18:01:18

Thank you again so only one bag all sorted

Haffiana Mon 29-May-17 18:37:22

Last time I traveled using only hand luggage but needed a lot of items I simply took two plastic bags. I put them in two separate trays at the luggage check, one with my case and the other with my boots and kindle. I did this calmly and overtly, hiding nothing, and no-one took any notice.

tralaaa Sat 10-Jun-17 20:10:51

Only just got wifi. Make up arrived safe and sound - I am presentable thank you ladies. Now to get it home '

Bluedabbadee Sat 10-Jun-17 20:15:48

Some British airports say you can have no more than ten items in your bag, so best to google your airport to find out for sure.

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