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Teen ds with acne. Electric shaver (first shave) which one?

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EleanorRigbysNeice Sun 28-May-17 20:47:08

My son is nearly 17. Sadly, he has blemished teen skin. He's got a tash and some billy goat style chin hairs. Prom is looming. He cannot attempt a wet shave using a razor as he's Aspie, with accompanying OCD, and not very co-ordinated. Wondering, for practicality and fewer cuts, is electric best? Go for the most expensive? Any one any ideas?

Thanks anyone 😊

Squ1ggle Sun 28-May-17 22:28:26

Erm, no idea I'm afraid but didn't want your thread to go unanswered. For this one occasion maybe he could go get a wet shave done at a barbers? Hopefully somebody with more helpful suggestions for a long term solution will be along soon.
I hope he enjoys prom!

EleanorRigbysNeice Mon 29-May-17 10:01:06

Thanks Squ 1ggl. It IS an unusual one for us glam ladies on S&B 😊

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