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Where is the crepey thread?

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Dinkydoos Sun 28-May-17 16:59:33

It seems to have vanished! Though I don't post on there really, it's a great thread with lovely sounding g people, and being of a 'crepey' age myself find a lot if what they talk about v familiar. Hope all ok

Dinkydoos Sun 28-May-17 17:20:43

No-one? Feel like I have imagined whole thing!grin

coughingbean Sun 28-May-17 17:24:07

I think they got outed on facebook and so have gone ingocnito, you may have to hunt around a bit.

Dinkydoos Sun 28-May-17 17:52:09

Ahhhhhh I see!

ilovecherries Sun 28-May-17 18:14:01

Is it not the one about flipping those damn pancakes?

FlipflopsOrWellieboots Sun 28-May-17 18:37:04

That's the one, Cherry wink

MrsKlugscheisser Sun 28-May-17 22:34:40

Maybe we should become galettes next time? grin

<waves at Cherries from the old and fat thread>

Needmoresleep Thu 29-Mar-18 10:19:40

Has anything replaced it?

Spring is coming, chicks have flown the nest and a time for a whole new me. I need some handholding.

MrsSchadenfreude Thu 29-Mar-18 17:55:51

I'm here, @Needmoresleep


Dreamqueen Thu 29-Mar-18 17:58:52

I use to post infrequently on it. Sadly missed.

AnAirborneFluffyWhiteThing Thu 29-Mar-18 18:50:21

We'd better smarten up our act, MrsS . They're all watching.

How are the handbags...?

Ive found the Listicles on The Midult very helpful in finding a 'cashmere-jumper-mender' .

Looks like they have a Handbag Spa, too...
Handbag Spa

Montypulciano Thu 29-Mar-18 18:58:25

Can I recommend the rimmel two step polish and top coat as an alternative to a gel mani? Very cheap, hardwearing, doesn’t chip and fab colours. Currently on 3 for 2 in Superdrug.

MrsSchadenfreude Thu 29-Mar-18 19:11:05

I think I might send my favourite Coach bag there, Fluffy. It stinks and the lovely purple lining is mouldy. I did send my Delvaux bag to their own clinic but it cost nearly £300 for its overhaul. And I promptly ripped it a week later. Maybe I should stick to oilskin...

I'm also still continuing my quest for the perfect nude lippy. Had a voucher so got Charlotte Tilbury's overhyped Pillow Talk for £24. shock Then found my best nude yet (Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle), which has been discontinued, for £3.99 on ebay.

And re clothes, have discovered my perfect work dress from Boden - the Phoebe in black and navy (also have red one and a spotty one too). So plain, you can dress it up with different scarves and jewellery and it looks quite different.

MrsSchadenfreude Thu 29-Mar-18 19:13:18

Nice to "see" you, DreamQueen!

Auriga Thu 29-Mar-18 19:24:17

Oh, hello DreamQueen 😁

Glad to have the Rimmel recommendation: I love gels (it's the five year old in me, remembering my glamorous reception teacher and her red talons) but the expense makes me feel guilty.

EnidButton Thu 29-Mar-18 19:26:13

Because I'm nosy, what do you mean when you say they were outed on Facebook? 👃🏻

OCSockOrphanage Thu 29-Mar-18 20:34:05

Hello, Crepeys, I wondered what happened to you all (although some of you appear on other threads). As I was an intermittent mostly lurker, and not witty enough, I reckoned you'd shifted into real life.

addle Thu 29-Mar-18 22:52:33

Nice to see you DQ.

Can't get used to taking proper care with nail varnish - gels and all. Still slap on bright or dark red as I used to in my teens. As with music one (I) am stuck in habits of dim and distant youth.

Needmoresleep Fri 30-Mar-18 07:57:29

Not witty enough to post either, nor stylish enough.

Things need to change, as I can no longer use kids as my excuse.

Starting with hair. Dyed crepey hair ended up looking like some frizzy squirrel tail, so I have spent a year growing it out. Once the end bits are cut off it will be short, fine and greying. (I weep as I write.) Can anyone suggest someone in London who can make this chic?

Floisme Fri 30-Mar-18 09:21:40

I'd been wondering what had happened to those threads too although I wasn't a poster (except for the odd compliment on their thread titles). I hope they're all well - 'outing' doesn't sound great.

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 30-Mar-18 14:15:24

Where in London are you, Needmoresleep? I'd recommend my hairdresser near Lambeth North. He is Korean and really an excellent cutter - in that hair looks great when it grows out too.

Needmoresleep Fri 30-Mar-18 15:34:57

Oooh sounds good. Step one of my reinvention.

Needmoresleep Wed 04-Apr-18 14:00:10

Following Mrs Schadenfreude's recommendation I now have a really nice cut, and a longer term plan as the previously coloured bits grow out.

I have restarted my diet, and went to the gym. But feel I need other experts to take me in hand. Make-up, clothes... suggestions are welcome. After years of being a mum I need help to work out who I am.

MsMartini Wed 04-Apr-18 14:25:54

Hello all smile. I'd like some clothes recommendations - struggle once I can no longer wear thermal vest/jumper with jeans/skirt/boots. Needmoresleep, I feel a bit like you - would like to be a bit more adventurous without spending a lot or looking like a pratt.

CointreauVersial Wed 04-Apr-18 16:30:18

The original crepeys are all alive and well, and weren't outed on Facebook (I'm not even on it); it's far more mundane than that. We started a WhatsApp group for something or other, and eventually found it too difficult to maintain two conversations at the same time. So the crepey thread sadly withered away through lack of attention.

I'm still around on S&B though, ready to protest if someone says they're too old at 38 to wear a denim jacket.....

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