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Any The Ordinary users?

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AllFurCoatNoKnockers Fri 26-May-17 15:15:57

Recently been converted to The Ordinary skincare range (thanks ASOS!!) but hoping for some ideas on how to get the best use out of their products and what worked for you?

I'm currently using The Buffet at night and in the morning. It seems to be working well, my skin is a lot more glow-y but that might just be the weather.

But stuck on what to use to properly help with my acne scars? I've heard good things about the lactic acid. Reluctant to use the Retinoid treatment as have thin skin from steroid creams and other topicals.

Using in conjunction with bobbi brown oil cleanser, radiance boost mask and hydrating face & eye cream.

VintagePerfumista Fri 26-May-17 18:04:44

If you email Victoria's Health they will advise you and give you a regime.
It's all very confusing- I was lost until I emailed them to find out where/when to put all this stuff I'd bought!

Pupsiecola Fri 26-May-17 18:09:03

Come and join in on the Skincare thread smile.

ElspethFlashman Fri 26-May-17 18:09:43

I have the Retinol and the Matrixyl.

Mainly cos those 2 got the highest reviews on makeupalley.

Not sure if the Matrixyl is doing anything - it's meant to boost collagen so your face looks plumper. Hard to tell....

But the Retinol is awesome. My skin is like glass since using it. And I love the watery consistency as it makes layering your normal night cream over it really easy.

Am tempted by the vit c next, despite the gritty texture which a lot of people dislike.

AllFurCoatNoKnockers Fri 26-May-17 19:30:25

Great idea @VintagePerfumista thank you, should have thought of that!

@Pupsiecola will be scooting on over very shortly.

I've heard the same about the vit c @ElspethFlashman but given the price it'd be a shame not to try them all!!! I am wary of retinol, does it feel harsh at all?

Laquila Fri 26-May-17 19:35:05

I'm a big fan of the rosehip oil and the niacinamide with zinc. I also quite like the azelaic acid but the natural moisturising factors didn't do it for me - very average.

I have the advanced retinoid but am a bit wary of using it too often, especially in this weather!

CJCreggsGoldfish Fri 26-May-17 19:42:55

I have been using the niacinamide with zinc, hyaluronuc acid, argan oil and The original moisturiser. I wouldn't recommend the moisturiser, but definitely like the rest and it makes my skin feel good and has reduced my spots. I'm about to order some more, and quite fancy trying the The Buffet, and like the sound of the rentinoid, but with summer here I'll probably wait until winter to give it a go. I haven't read good things about the vitamin c so will probably give that a miss.

You're right though, the prices are so good you do feel like buying it all. Has anyone tried their foundation yet?

AllFurCoatNoKnockers Fri 26-May-17 21:01:17

Haven't tried their foundation @CJCreggsGoldfish but the silicone primer has been fantastic so far. Even getting on the tube in this heat hasn't budged my make up all week.

Nicketynac Fri 26-May-17 21:51:52

I have tried the serum foundation. And quite liked it. It is very runny and not like a serum (or not like any serums I have used which isn't many). Gives very light coverage but goes on smoothly - you need to apply very sparingly as a little goes a loooong way. The first time I used it I had to wipe some off my face.
I also ordered the Coverage Foundation which arrived today so I haven't tried it on my face. A squirt on the back of my hand looks like a good colour match and it is not heavy or thick at all. Tomorrow will be my testing day!
I tried the Vit C suspension and hated it. I persevered for a month but it still stung, every night. I couldn't use it during the day because of the texture. I didn't notice any difference in my skin during that month.
I am currently in love with the Azelaic Acid suspension. It gives such a smooth surface for applying make-up and gives a lovely glow (and I have very oily skin and have to avoid glow-y things). I am not convinced my skin has improved too much but it looks great when I have this on. I have even been brave and went for a day without foundation and was still pleased with my face at the end of the day.

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