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Best budget pressed powder please?

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OhBlissOhJoy Thu 25-May-17 12:33:17

I've been very loyal to Benefit's Hello Flawless but I'm on a serious economy drive at the moment and really can't justify £25 on face powder.
Can you recommend me a brand that has just as good coverage but at a fraction of the price? In particular I have red veiny cheeks which HF covers, umm... flawlessly.

Destinysdaughter Thu 25-May-17 12:35:19

I put concealer on my cheeks before foundation to cover redness. Sorry I know you're asking about powder but thought I'd just mention this!

KimKardashiansArse Thu 25-May-17 12:50:32

No7 pressed powder is great and usually in some kind of promotion.

Tacitits Thu 25-May-17 13:12:42

Max Factor Creme Puff is my favourite and it smells divine.

rubblesrules Thu 25-May-17 13:15:27

I've been using the max factor creme puff for 20 years. Love it

OhBlissOhJoy Thu 25-May-17 13:28:55

Thank you for your suggestions. I have a Boots voucher too so will check out the No7 and Max Factor.

fannydaggerz Thu 25-May-17 13:56:14

Corn silk powder from Superdrug.

GingersHaveSouls Thu 25-May-17 15:19:27

Max factor creme puff is just absolutely the best. Gives you beautiful flawless coverage.

LadyOfTheCanyon Thu 25-May-17 15:56:15

The Rimmel stay Matte or whatever it's called used to be good. If you're the right skintone for it, Bourjois is excellent.

SensitiveSoinSo Thu 25-May-17 15:59:17

Another Max Factor Creme Puff fan here.
30 years ive been using it. Ive tried other stuff but always return to this.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 25-May-17 19:56:24

Rimmell stay mattes good.

Juicylucy1800 Thu 25-May-17 22:32:54

Rimmel stay matte in transparent is great.

DoorKnee Thu 25-May-17 22:35:03

L'Oréal true match pressed powder is nice.

DarlingCoffee Fri 26-May-17 20:07:32

Urban decay is good

OhBlissOhJoy Fri 26-May-17 23:48:53

Thanks for all the recommendations. I bought Max Factor Creme Puff today and am really impressed. It covers as well as Hello Flawless, but doesn't clump in my dry patches like HF does. Hasn't lasted as long but at £6.99 instead of £25 I can afford a top up application!

buggerthebotox Sat 27-May-17 07:13:33

Slight derail but do you use Creme Puff on top of foundation? I used to use it but now find it claggy.

I'm a big fan of Collection; cheap as chips and great for my old face!

Qtipsrsweet Sat 27-May-17 07:45:22

Yes, I use smashbox photo finish primer first, then nars sheer matte foundation and then the creme puff. I just give it about a minute in between to let the foundation settle on first before using the powder.
Also, the sponge applicator thing that comes with it, is naff. You can get softer powder puffs in boots or superdrug, and they make the coverage flawless.
Hope it helps

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