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Skincare:very dry skin but moisturiser make me oily?

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SnipSnipMrBurgess Wed 24-May-17 21:11:34

I have ridiculous dry skin, possibly some psoriasis mainly around the side of the nose, parts of my forehead, the rest is normal skin.

I use a cream cleanser, wash off with warm face cloth, serozinc, and a moisturiser for dry skin but my face is always shiny red and oily afterwards? You can feel the clammyness of it on my face. If I use a serum or eyecream or anything, it's even worse, sometimes it can even peel off for want of a better word, nothing is absorbing.

Anyone recommend anything? I can't even put make up on after moisturizing, it just slides off!

Orangesox Wed 24-May-17 21:16:00

Ive recently been using MAC comfort creme on recommendation from the make up artist I use regularly. It's been pretty good (I have super sensitive skin, that doesn't handle moisturisers well, and seems to absorb nothing to boot), although I'm finding it quite heavy for summer wear.

I've been recommended Estée Lauder Verite for a light summer cream, but at £47 a pop it's a bit expensive to try on a whim without a sample first, and I've found it impossible to find any on display anywhere!

Puffpaw Wed 24-May-17 21:18:01

Try an oil cleanser, don't scrub your face and follow with Laroche posay hydraphase, or Clarins hydraquench.

Puffpaw Wed 24-May-17 21:18:50

Give the moisturise time to soak in.
It sounds like you are doing too much to you poor skin.

SnipSnipMrBurgess Wed 24-May-17 21:28:00

I do puff, and at this point I am just washing and moisturizing it but my face is just as shiny now as it was when I washed this morning so it's had time to sink in .

Ouch Orange, that's an expensive moisturiser! I'll try and see if I can find sample of them. At this point, I'll try anything!

rhiannon91 Wed 24-May-17 21:29:53

I have the same problem. Dry around nose, forehead and cheeks. I exfoliate with simple face wash in the shower to loosen any dead skin and then use E45 moisturiser (not from the tube or tub as I find these quite oily) from a pump bottle. I find this work really well on my skin. Good luck!

MrsBadger Wed 24-May-17 21:34:36

Is the serozinc the problem? I wouldn't use a toner on such cross skin.
My skin is both oily and flaky (hmm) and I'm a fan of the effaclar foam followed by the Johnsons Clean & Clear moisturiser, which is cheap, non-greasy and absorbs really easily.

Puffpaw Wed 24-May-17 21:36:59

Ok I did not fully understand, you need to stop all exfoliation (your skin is over-exfoliated) so no toner and no cleansing with facecloths. I would then put pure argan oil on and leave. Do this for two weeks and you will see an improvement. No scrubbing off dry skin patches or make up or anything.
Can you post a pic of your skin?

Puffpaw Wed 24-May-17 21:40:13

Here this is good article

Puffpaw Wed 24-May-17 21:42:15
This may sound familiar.
Good luck flowers

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