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Bra recommendations like bravissimo

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buckeejit Wed 24-May-17 20:19:27

Hi all

I'm after a couple of new bras & generally like the fit & cut of bravissimo,though often the wires come out for some reason. I like panache too but they generally have stretchy lace at top so not supportive enough or overly comfy for long. Freya make my boobs go east/west so not sure where else to try. I'm a hh/J cup & happy to gamble with an online purchase if it's hopeful!

Twinkie1 Wed 24-May-17 20:21:17

Fantasie bras are amazing. You can pick up for about £15 new off eBay too.

buckeejit Wed 24-May-17 20:53:54

Thanks-I think I tried fantasie-they're owned by or similar to Freya & iirc they made me go outwards more than upwards!

Ifonlyiweretaller Wed 24-May-17 21:13:51

I love the Rosie range by M&S and buy her balcony bras - with padding. i dont actually need padding (36E) but i much prefer the shape the padding gives me to the non-padded (and it stops nipplegate too!)

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Wed 24-May-17 21:28:49

Chantelle. Give a really nice rounded shape, no pointy boobs. Only brand I buy.
Is an awesome bra.

DianaT1969 Wed 24-May-17 21:28:56

Other fuller bust brands to try include
Parfait by Affinitas
Pour Moi?
Curvy Kate (I'm not a fan of the fabric or quality personally)
Prima Donna (luxury, so can't comment)
Rosa Faia

Freya works best for me, whilst Fantasie makes them flatten down and look matronly. Hopefully an expert will be along in a moment to advise...

buckeejit Wed 24-May-17 21:46:19

Thanks-will look up some of these smile

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thu 25-May-17 00:35:05

Try Ewa Michalak. Give a great shape. They are in Poland but you can do returns. So much better than Freya or Fantasie IMO.

Zoeleanne11 Fri 08-Jun-18 08:08:02

I was just wondering if you found any good alternatives? I am having exactly the same problem with Bravissimo own brand fitting fantastically and being super comfy but wires popping through, also they’ve not released any designs I particularly like in ages and I’m getting a bit desperate for bras now!

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