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I hate summer - what can I wear?

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Rainybo Wed 24-May-17 19:36:28

I've always always hated summer - I'm much more of a winter person. I feel like I spend whatever hot weather we get wishing for Christmas to come so I can wear jeans and boots and lovely coats. I think I have just never learned to 'do' hot weather. I look terrible.

Can you give me some tips or recommend anything? I'm an hourglass size 16, big boobs (34H) and I like colourful and quirky. Help!

LaBuenaVida Wed 24-May-17 23:33:51

I put this on another thread - but what about Lagenlook? (I honestly don't have shares!!). Some styles are a tad over quirky - but there are some nice pieces

Floisme Thu 25-May-17 07:29:14

I always cover up in summer which is partly vanity and partly health as I'm susceptible to moles. I normally have a bit of a uniform and this year it's loose fitting trousers and a shirt: ideally silk as I love the feel but also cotton or linen.

I stock up on vintage/ 2nd hand silk shirts - weigh and pay sales are cheapest as they hardly weigh anything and I don't worry too much about size as I like them loose fitting.

For trousers, I really like the masculine 80s style that's back, or a plain wide (but not too wide) leg. But whatever your favourite shape is would work.

I wear with brogues or plimsols - I cover up my feet too and rarely wear sandals

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