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Holiday clothes for 2 weeks in Orlando for a petite size 8

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beadyboo Wed 24-May-17 14:33:44

I'm a SAHM and we usually holiday in the UK. My wardrobe seems to now consist of jeans / chinos and long sleeve tops (i.e. Fairly conservative) as I'm usually doing school run, volunteer in school etc. and I feel the cold.
For half term we are having a very long awaited holiday to Florida. I haven't needed holiday stuff for ages, particularly given I'm going to be walking miles around theme parks. What do I wear? I've bought some shorts and T shirts, but after another soul destroying trip around the shops I'm close to giving up.
I don't want to look like a bag lady on the photos, or just look hot and uncomfortable. Help - what should I pack and where can I shop? I have a trip to a big shopping centre in Friday to get everything. Next is my usual petite go to shop, but it appears short people only wear jeans and office attire at the moment. Thank you.

Unicorn81 Wed 24-May-17 18:11:05

Linen shorts (m and s or asda do them i think), floaty tops that wont stick when your sweaty and believe me you will be sweaty. A really good pair of trainers for walking. If your happy to wait go shopping first day, Target do fab cheap bits or Walmart, outlets have all the big brands and for your size id recommend aeropostale and american eagle.

carrie74 Wed 24-May-17 20:27:33

I'd definitely buy there, I get almost all of my summer clothes from Florida. The factory outlets of Gap, Old Navy and J Crew are brilliant for shorts and Ts staples. I also look in abercrombie for nice Ts, they do really good shaped.

At the parks it's all about comfort and minimising sunburn, so I'd make sure you've got a secure hat (caps are great) and shoulders covered. Keep on top of suncream, it'll be very hot and sweaty!

I tend to wear trainers in the parks for comfort's sake, but I've happily worn my Birkies too.

I don't worry too much about looking stylish in Orlando, it's all about practicality and comfort!!

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