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Work trousers with substance

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Mermaidinthesea123 Wed 24-May-17 08:07:33

Hi everyone, I'm tearing my hair out trying to find some work trousers. I work in the NHS but we have to buy our own black trousers.
I'm 55 and size 18, every pair of work trousers in the shops are paper thin and show up every lump and bump it's horrific so I wear black jeans but keep getting told off.
I'm looking for control trousers with stretch in the fabric without being clingy and fairly thick material that won't show every lump and bump.
I like stylish boot cut trousers, good quality as I am bottom heavy and can't wear cheap trousers.
Are magisculpt any good? I don't want to waste money ordering if they are made of very thin shiny fabric.
M&S used to do great control trousers but they are rubbish now so I won't go there. I'll pay up to £50.
Desperate Mermaid!

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