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Denim shorts that aren't too short

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FashionFiend Tue 23-May-17 19:48:46

Hi, can anyone recommend nice denim shorts that aren't ripped or really short? I'm 5ft 9 and in my 40s so don't want daisy dukes. The J Crew denim shorts in Merrill wash look lovely but the reviews say they are a 3" inseam despite the website saying they are 4". I'd like a 4" or 5" inseam.

changingShorts Wed 24-May-17 06:05:58

See some in House of Fraser that might be what you want, can't find a link. That said, only way is to try them on. I've had some shorts that look short on the hanger that are perfectly decent. Others that look fine but, due to cut, will ride up and show "under butt" if you're not careful!

Whenwillwe3meetagain Wed 24-May-17 06:51:58

Boyfriend shorts from Sainsbury's and they have 25% off at the mo. Probably go a size smaller than normal.

SorrelForbes Wed 24-May-17 06:53:26

I think Gap do some with a 5" inner leg.

NigellasGuest Wed 24-May-17 07:52:09

I just bought some "mom" shorts from Asos. I saw some perfect ones on the Baukjen website but they're sold out, but the Asos ones are pretty close (and cheaper).
I'm 52, 5'6 and a size 10/12 of that's useful to know.

AllTalkNo Wed 24-May-17 08:08:27

Boden do them in different lengths , 3", 4", 6" and 9"

MinesaPinot Wed 24-May-17 13:16:41

Sainsburys Tu denim bermudas - got 2 pairs last year, they are great.

Eminybob Wed 24-May-17 13:33:28

I just bought a pair of just above the knee length denim ones from Tesco

carrie74 Wed 24-May-17 20:34:58

I've got old Gap sexy boyfriends which are perfect, and managed to find 5" denim shorts in Old Navy as well which are great.

In J Crew I buy the chino 5"ers

FashionFiend Wed 24-May-17 20:45:26

Thanks everyone! I'll check out those suggestions. Carrie74 I have the j crew chino 5"ers too. They are so flattering!

cad186 Thu 25-May-17 03:39:32

Dorothy Perkins have got some nice knee length ones and I find the fit great for me.

hellokittymania Thu 25-May-17 05:28:49

I found some nice ones at Primark. The material is really nice as well, but it's a dark color since they didn't have the size I needed in the lighter denim.

I think the particular line is running very small as I fit a size 10! Usually I am a size 4 to 6.

FashionFiend Thu 25-May-17 17:01:57

They look nice! Have a look in Primark too thanks!

FashionFiend Thu 25-May-17 17:02:43

Sorry meant to say I'll have a look in Primark too!

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