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Black jeans for work/ long tops?

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ApplePizza Tue 23-May-17 18:22:22

I've never worn jeans to work, but I've seen a few people do it and they always seems smart.

Can you recommend anything? I suppose they would have to be plain, so that at first glance, it's not obvious they are jeans (it's the strong material I'm interested in). Not skinny - I look awful in skinny, I did buy some to see if they grew on me, but I still look awful.

Also some long tops - at least hip length so I can bend and move etc. I'm not feeling confident weight- wise. Fitted and long looks far better than loose and/ or wide.


RedMetamorphosis Tue 23-May-17 19:38:51

All depends on your workplace. I wouldn't be able to get away with jeans unless it was Friday.

Gap bistretch trousers are a smarter alternative jeans. They are pretty good at holding everything in and Gap often have promotions so don't pay full price.

I'd look at some oversized or boyfriend fit shirts as another option. ASOS have a lot of longline tshirts here

ApplePizza Tue 23-May-17 19:50:57

I work in a school, so jeans would be an absolute no, but black jeans are creeping in. The longline top is to hide the 'jean' part of the top as well as looking better at my weight.

Thanks for the links

ApplePizza Wed 24-May-17 18:47:15

Bump for any other suggestions smile

AuntPol Wed 24-May-17 19:56:35

I quite like Jigsaw bi stretch jeans - I wear their black ones to work sometimes (smartish office). But they are ££....

I also wear the gap trousers mentioned above quite a lot.

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 24-May-17 20:11:25

I wear jeans a lot - I'm a lecturer, in a "creative" subject. I wear back skinnies with blouses and either brogues or Chelsea boots.

ApplePizza Wed 24-May-17 21:35:11

Yes, that's the look I'm going for. I normally wear "proper' trousers, but they are not robust enough.

I wondered wearing them with longline belted tunics/ jumpers (I'm always cold).

DragonNoodleCake Wed 24-May-17 21:43:45

I wear black and indigo jeggings for work. I'm also larger than I'd like and used to say - I'll never wear skinny! It was the best thing I ever did just braving them

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 24-May-17 22:03:58

I'm not skinny (a 10/12) but think longer tops are not always flattering over jeans - I tend to wear things which finish on the waist or at the hipbone, despite the fact my arse is the size of a small country.

PoleStarOnce Wed 24-May-17 22:23:07

I have a pair of black jeans from Next that I wear to work. I think they are the lift and shape slim ones. They don't really look like jeans if you wear a longer top as no obvious stitching/rivets away from the waistband. They are haven't faded in the wash - I think black jeans need to be properly black to get away with wearing them to work (we aren't supposed to wear jeans).

goodgodlemon Wed 24-May-17 22:37:32

Glad to find out I'm not alone in my recent transition to black jeggings and loose tops for work!! Need comfort even though I'm in a fairly formal office environment. I tend to go for smart but longer tops (I agree that too long is not flattering and just on hips is perfect). It makes shopping so much easier as I now just look for the same style top is different colours.

ApplePizza Wed 24-May-17 22:39:57

Good point about being properly black.

It's the ankle that I don't want to be too tight - I like to wear them over boots and not tucked in, or over light shoes, but I have long feet, and don't want to emphasise that!

goodgodlemon Wed 24-May-17 22:40:40

Sorry forgot to say got some really nice smart Black/White and navy/gold tops hip length in M&S. They were in a quite frumpy section but are actually really nice with tight jeans.

ApplePizza Wed 24-May-17 22:42:05

Just on hips is fine - I just struggle to find this length. I keep finding either tunic/dresses that are too short to be dresses, but too long to look right, or tops than finish too close to the waistline - not a good look!

ApplePizza Wed 24-May-17 22:43:16

M&S is 99% not right and 1% absolutely perfct! That's what keeps me going back.

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour Wed 24-May-17 22:46:09

I'm a teacher and I often wear all black or all navy jeans with brogues and a smarter blouse, they just look like trousers. I never emphasise the 'jeans' look of them. As I work with the youngest children I'm often covered in paint/glue etc so I don't like to spend a lot. I have a few pairs from Primark but I have found that hey can be cut quite low at the back so can gape when you bend forward. Or I just got a fabulous pair of jeans from M&S, high waisted and sooooo comfortable! Only £22.50 I think! Good luck!

DragonNoodleCake Wed 24-May-17 23:17:14

Oh and I have a load of hip length tops. From M&S per Una and Next.

I also get my jeggings in Matalan for £12. Size 16 regular, every few weeks I run the black ones through the machine with a dylon velvet black to keep the strong colour and stop them looking Jeansy.
I always used to get the 5 pocket jeggings from M&S but I used a wear holes in the inner, upper thighs in a few months!

DragonNoodleCake Wed 24-May-17 23:23:02

Recently got this ...

Chiffon at the front - great length

Per una do lots of tops with a chiffon hem like this_
It makes them the perfect length

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