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When will acrylic nails die a death?

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Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 22-May-17 12:01:31

I'm so over them. They are pointy now like massive talons. They cost upwards of £30 a set. I don't get it? Sitting here painting dd and i's toes so not averse to a manicure. Just v confused the talons are still fash?

SmellySphinx Mon 22-May-17 12:07:52

They've always been horrid, it's the state of your actual nails underneath that makes me stay away from them. They may look nice (sometimes) the damage they do to your nails and bank balance really isn't worth it!

MrsStinkey Mon 22-May-17 12:14:07

Hopefully never! My own nails are rubbish due to working with water and chemicals a lot so they're my lifeline! Always have my nails done and go to someone that is a good nail tech so they're not thick or fake looking. Mine are filed in an almond shape and not overly long and everyone always comments on how nice they are. Wouldn't be me without my nails done. I do hate a badly done set of nails though.

ThatsNotMyMummy Mon 22-May-17 12:17:38

I used to get mine done around 18 years ago so i don't think its going anywhere soon. Not the pointy talons about at the moment, but still acrylic

I did quickly realise it ruined my nails so soon stopped! But they've been around so long i don't think they will go anywhere

JakeBallardswife Mon 22-May-17 12:19:37

I get them because my own nails are rather awful and I used to bite them. But I spoke to the nail consultant last week and she suggested that they get filed off and then I just have my own nails with shellac on top which makes sense and alot quicker and cheaper!

The acrylics I've had though are really short and look natural

Maudlinmaud Mon 22-May-17 12:20:48

Hmm acrylics will always be around I think. I get gels because my own nails aren't great.

deuxmoulins Mon 22-May-17 12:53:33

I don't think they'll ever disappear completely, but the trend for the really long, pointed/'ballerina' styles will probably die out at some point. Gels damage my nails as much as acrylics but I have weak nails.

MaQueen Mon 22-May-17 13:55:54

I sometimes nibble my nails, so I get a gel manicure every 2 weeks. You need to get a good technician though, else they can look too thick and yucky I had a set done at NYE which were just no good, at all).

I've just found a really good technician, who does LCN gels and they look lovely - currently have them painted in Paris Chic smile. I love always having immaculate nails.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 22-May-17 15:36:02

Well they've been around since the 1970's so I think they're staying.

They don't have to be long. That's what the clients asked for.
They only damage if they were applied or removed using inappropriate techniques.

Done properly you can remove them & the nails fine underneath. Same for any nail coating.

theclick Tue 23-May-17 21:14:43

They're disgusting. If you want a long lasting colour, do gels! But then again I'm so safe with my nails. My manicurist says I'm her most boring client 😍. All her other ones go in for long, talon acrylics, with neon colours and diamanté. The furthest I'll go is a dusky pink instead of a red or nude!!

Sciurus83 Tue 23-May-17 22:30:42

Nail and finger biter here, they are the only solution for my bloody stumps. But I get pretty natural looking short ones....

AvoidingCallenetics Tue 23-May-17 22:45:43

Those coffin shaped nails, either real or acrylic are totally minging. Why would anyone want to resemble nosferatu

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 24-May-17 17:59:09

I'm with you theclick

LuluLovesFruitcakes Wed 24-May-17 18:03:18

Hopefully never! I get mine done fairly short and rounded so they're less talon-like. And they cost £15 for infills where I live grin

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