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Best long lasting nail polish

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blue2014 Mon 22-May-17 10:50:09

I used to have gel nail polish but can't seem to find time

What polish will last longest chip free?

Lottapianos Mon 22-May-17 12:59:16

I use all sorts of polish brands and they all last the same length of time on me - 4-5 days max. I think a good base and top coat is more important than the colour polish itself. I use Revlon base coat and Leighton Denny Crystal Finish topcoat (available in M&S).

blue2014 Mon 22-May-17 14:22:54

Thanks lotta

mimiasovitch Mon 22-May-17 14:30:59

I find that Sally Hanson complete manicure lasts quite well, though I do use a top coat too.

LoupGarou Mon 22-May-17 14:35:59

Seconding Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, its really easy to apply too, always seems to look brilliant despite the fact I'm not great at doing my nails. I put Seche Vite over the top, but SV seems to be a bit of a marmite product. Its a holy grail for me though.

OutToGetYou Mon 22-May-17 14:38:11

Well, a Mavala dark grey lasted two weeks on me recently, I only took it off because I was bored of it.

Conversely Nails Inc new one put on Sat pm was chipped yesterday, repaired and another one has chipped this morning - that was a LOT more expensive than the Mavala one (admittedly bigger though, but who ever uses up nail varnish, might as well be small).

Essie last well too.

Maeb Mon 22-May-17 15:12:22

Nail polish, even salon applied normally lasts a maximum of 2 days on me. I don't bother with the more expensive brands as they just chip/flake/never dry.

I've started using Barry M Sunset varnish (£4.99) and it lasts about a week. You apply 2 coats of colour followed by the topcoat which supposedly 'cures' in daylight. The colours aren't that exciting but it's really glossy and lasts a 4-7 days which for me is really good going.

Rimmel (£5.99) have a similar daylight curing one which says it lasts up to 14 days and has a better range of colours which I'm going to try next. I wonder if the topcoat is interchangeable with the Barry M - it must be the same technology.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 22-May-17 15:37:46

Nail polish never fully cures, or dries, that's why it's prone to chipping.

Try CND vinylux or OPI.

OutToGetYou Mon 22-May-17 15:52:36

I use Bourgeois quick drying drops, they really do help make it at least not get bed sheet marks on it.

And I now also have Seche Vite, which makes it shiny. Orly base which makes a kind of rubbery base the varnish sticks to really helps too.

Curing in daylight wouldn't work for me, I do my nails before bed. smile

sheepashwap Mon 22-May-17 15:57:40

Essie gel type. It's in the twisty bottle. You need the top coat for it. It lasts perfectly a week (fingers) on me and 10 days with a few chips. Toes it lasts until I've cut my nails a few times and my nails look really stubby because there's so little polish left on so I need to take it off!

blue2014 Mon 22-May-17 17:27:42

Thank yousmile

LockedOutOfMN Mon 22-May-17 18:22:05

Body shop is good

GreenPolishToGo Mon 22-May-17 18:26:47

I find most polishes last a week or more on me so long as I use a good base and top coat, and either buff or patch any peels or splits in the nail. I use OPI Nail Envy for a base coat and Poshe for a quick drying top coat.

SesameSparkle Tue 23-May-17 08:44:33

Essie, Sally Hansen and Revlon Colourstay

theclick Tue 23-May-17 21:11:16

Have you tried seche vite? Dries quick, gives a hard gel coat, and lasts around 4-5 days on me.

RhythmAndStealth Wed 24-May-17 00:05:57

I like Maggie Anne.

Ktown Wed 24-May-17 06:48:39

Any cheap one plus Rimmel top coat
I get 5 days
Mavala are also good

TheLegendOfBeans Wed 24-May-17 06:50:15

Always use a base coat.

I use OPI Nail Envy then a Barry M

sunshinesupermum Wed 24-May-17 06:52:29

Rimmel and their range of colours are very good too.

Nanna50 Wed 24-May-17 06:59:02

Sally Hanson or OPI but I always use a base coat and top coat, two thin layers of colour rather than one thick one and if I want it to last a long time or I have a cheap varnish I put a thin clear top coat on every day.

arleybarley Wed 24-May-17 07:04:57

I use Essie or Barry M then Revlon gel envy diamond top coat,lasts over a week chip free

AvoidingCallenetics Wed 24-May-17 07:52:06

I bought the Rimmel gel ones, that don't need a lamp. So far am 4 days in and it hasn't chipped and I am not very careful , although I do wear gloves to wash up.
I also bought mavala quick drying oil, which I think is helping to stop me chipping it before it dries.
On toes, I find most varnishes last, so long as I use seche vite top coat. The sally hansen all in one colours seem to stay noce and shiny on my toes, but again, I do use a top coat even though it is an all in one.

MrsLogicFromViz Wed 24-May-17 09:39:06

I love Essie too - it's amazing compared to other brands.

KrsJd Wed 24-May-17 10:17:57

I use a base coat, OPI for colour, and a Models Own gel top coat which works for me smile

RhythmAndStealth Wed 24-May-17 11:34:29

Oh and Barry M Plumpy topcoat

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