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Vintage-style heels

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RedLemonade Wed 17-May-17 17:27:19

My sister's wedding is next month and I have a fit and flare navy dress to for it. Quite a 50s style though not too pouffy.

I'd love to get some nice high heels for it in a suitably vintage style- sort of blocky/thick heels IYKWIM, but with a bit of height to lengthen my legs a bit because I'm only 5 foot. Something of the style Claire Thingy was wearing a lot of in "The Crown".

The only Ines I can find online are a bit too low or irregular choicey for me. I'm looking for simple, elegant, dainty even. I'm a size 3-3.5.

Any suggestions please from those in the know on all things vintage?!

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