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Avarcas etc...

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taybert Wed 17-May-17 15:14:11

I really like the way these look on other people. I saw some on TKmaxx for £16.99 so ordered them but they're somehow really unflattering on my feet! My four year old DS agrees (sort of). Any more ideas for flat sandals without an ankle strap or is it back to the Birkenstocks for me?

Redhead17 Wed 17-May-17 15:20:24

I absolutely love these sandals they are so comfy I wouldn't worry as long as you like them.

I think they look fine in the pic. I'd probably look at your feet and think oh you've been to menorca. I bought 8 pairs when I went on holiday!

taybert Wed 17-May-17 15:26:27

Hmm, actually I've rolled the jeans down and they look better like that. I really got them to go with this COS dress and they're definitely no good with it which is a shame. They were only £16.99 though.....

taybert Wed 17-May-17 15:32:30

BTW that dress is classic COS, looks nothing on the website, actually really nice on!

taybert Wed 17-May-17 20:43:53

So DH said they "aren't nice shoes" but was significantly more enthusiastic after finding out the price. Unhelpful!

richrd Fri 26-May-17 14:34:25

There's a big difference in buying avarcas made in china and original made in Menorca. Original avarcas cost around £35, never less. The authentic ones are manufactured by hand and the quality is infinitely superior. I recommend that you visit and check what I say. Buying 2 pairs you have free shipping to UK directly from Menorca. Happy weekend!

Dulcimena Fri 26-May-17 14:44:21

I bought the same ones, OP grin I think they look great with skinnies, not sure about skirts/dresses yet. They had black and white ones at my TKM - I was just coming on to let people know.

richrd These are made in Spain, not China. TKM sells overstock/dc products at cheaper prices. Completely authentic.

richrd Fri 26-May-17 17:16:20

Hello Dulcimena,

There is quite a difference from buying avarcas made in Spain or specifically Menorca. There are a few companies (especially in the area of Alicante, Elche...) that import directly from China or use cheaper components. Take a look at the box and you can see it. Those that are made in Menorca, are very different from those made in the rest of Spain. There are few companies that actually make these sandals by hand and are usually seen in the price. I am happy married with a Minorcan woman and I can recommend you to buy in:


Hope this can help you smile

VintagePerfumista Fri 26-May-17 18:01:44

I have some navy Solillas OP, and I know what you mean about the style (my but they're comfy! and shoes are never comfy on me!) I think what you wear with them is important...with skinnies or ankle grazers (especially white ones) the darker sandals look great, but if I wear them say, with leggings, there's somehow too much sandal material on show and my foot looks the size of Shrek's.

FloatyCat Fri 26-May-17 19:22:00

Yes I got these from tk maxx (gold), I had the same thought,
They are soooo comfy though, I kept them because they were only £16.99.

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