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Bra Interventionalists - here's my measurements, what size am I please?

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CrispyBathTowel Wed 17-May-17 09:37:34

I was a size 32E prior to having 10 month old DD and have finally lost the majority of my post-baby weight as it's time to buy some new bras as none of my old ones fit me correctly (slight cup over spill) and they make all my tops look shit on me grin

I measured this morning and I am 32 inches around the rib cage under the boobs. Dangling forward I am 41 inches.

What size does this mean I am? Surely it's not 32FF??

Am not sure if I'm working out the cup size right so your expert advice would be appreciated! Thanks flowers

MrsLettuce Wed 17-May-17 09:54:24

Thats 32G starting size, FF could well fit right. It's not an exact science, just somewhere to start. For example, I measure as a 36H but but need to wear a 34ff or 32g depending on the brand and cut of the bra.

MrsLettuce Wed 17-May-17 09:55:58

(In my case it's because I've got flared ribs and bottom heavy breasts, we're all different)

CrispyBathTowel Wed 17-May-17 10:00:48

Thanks Lettuce. Will order a G and FF initially to see how I get on. I'm definitely spilling out of an E cup at the moment though my boobs aren't as voluminous so there is a bit of a gap where the bra strap starts now. Not sure if the gap will be even bigger with a bigger cup size though maybe I just need to tighten the bra straps.

Freya used to be my brand of choice though am contemplating getting the 2 pack of Debenhams underwired tshirt bras. Still on ML at the moment so budget won't quite stretch to a few new Freya bras.

It's strange as I think that my boobs look smaller now than before DD but maybe it's because they're droopier grin

MrsLettuce Wed 17-May-17 12:36:06

Good luck. Remember to scoop well when you're trying them on!

marriednotdead Wed 17-May-17 21:07:43

Do you know what style of Freya you used to wear? I have found their halfcups fit me better since I lost some weight, otherwise there's a gap at the top of the cups.

CrispyBathTowel Wed 17-May-17 21:15:00

Married it was the Freya Deco moulded plunge bra that I used to get - they are full cup bras. I've never got on with half cups in the past as regardless of the cup size I always seemed to end up with the 4-boob effect under tops. I've ordered the Debenhams bras which look similiarish to the Deco and if they don't work out I might give half-cups another try.

My boobs are definitely now more bottom heavy though so maybe they might be more suited to a half-cup.

marriednotdead Wed 17-May-17 21:42:22

I used to wear Deco too. It's not actually a full cup but if it is on you, I suspect that your breasts sit quite high on your torso- a giveaway is that V necks and wrap tops are often indecently low!

Some of the Freya half cups are deeper than others which for me means they dig uncomfortably in the centre.
I've now got the Freya Fearne in both the balconette and half cup version- they're both very comfy but the half cup definitely gives me more lift.
You might need to try a few on within the same range to get the perfect fit. If you find a t shirt bra that works, do let me know cos I'm still looking...

rightsofwomen Wed 17-May-17 21:56:12

Can I interrupt?

Just measured - 28 underneath and 31 bending over = 28C ?

The boobs are just spaniel ears of skin really (with a nipple!).

I only really wear a bra to stop my nipples showing or to give a smooth line under tighter tops - often don't bother with loose tops.

CrispyBathTowel Wed 17-May-17 22:02:03

I've never considered my boobs to be high on the torso though I've always avoided v-necks or wrap tops for work due to the fear of being escorted from the premises for indecent exposure so maybe they are! grin I'll make a note of the Freya Fearne half-cup and try it out when my maternity leave finishes and I finally have money again.

I'm not holding out much hope for the Debenhams tshirt bras as they were very cheap (2 pairs for £16 in one style and 2 pairs for £25 in another style) but if they're good I will let you know married. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. I ordered a FF and a G to try though am wondering if I should have ordered an F as well. Would've been better to try on in an actual shop really but delivery should be here in s few days.

CrispyBathTowel Wed 17-May-17 22:03:00

Sorry right I'm clueless so will let one of the experts advise grin

marriednotdead Wed 17-May-17 23:24:29

Rights, 28C sounds good but is a bugger to find in most places-might be worth giving 30B (sister size) a go too.

marriednotdead Wed 17-May-17 23:30:25

Don't look at the lowest point when figuring where your breast sit- consider the height of the space between the curve under your breast (where the wire/band should be) and your armpit where the strap can go no higher. That's the ideal space your breasts should sit in when you've got a bra on. The shorter it is, the trickier it is to find a t shirt bra to fit everything in!

SomeOtherFuckers Wed 17-May-17 23:46:12

Don't worry babe, the numbers and letters don't change your breast size .. people put too much investment in them.
I am a 28DD ( try buying that in a shop) and people always say ' no way you're a DD' because they're fairly small boobies .. but I am.
And I have never been more comfortable in my life !

rightsofwomen Thu 18-May-17 11:15:30

Thanks married

I could do with some new bras so will have a hunt.

MightyMunki Thu 18-May-17 18:16:41

Can someone help me too? Measuring 36 and 44.

marriednotdead Thu 18-May-17 22:34:28

Munki- start with 36FF but be prepared to try F or G too.

MightyMunki Fri 19-May-17 07:05:19

Thanks you!

wfrances Sat 20-May-17 12:08:59

can i have some help as well please , i've been wearing a 38c or 36d m&s bras forever and they don't feel right.
my measurements are 35 and 41.

bluebiro Sat 20-May-17 14:20:01

wfrances start with a 34E or F. Perhaps 36DD/E, but a 34 will likely be better even if it feels a bit tighter at first than you're used to. Don't forget to scoop!

wfrances Sat 20-May-17 14:33:56

thanks , whats a scoop!

Furball Sat 20-May-17 20:54:27

Have a look at this website - but it says there

'Once you have the band right, time to test the cups. Here is what to do:
Lean forward, drop your breasts in to the cups and do the bra up at the back. Now, take your right hand, put it round inside the left cup, all the way round under your armpit, and scoop all the soft tissue and flesh in to the cup. You might not know it, but all that soft tissue under your armpit is breast, and it needs to be in the cup. Now, repeat on the other side. The wire should totally encase your soft breast tissue, and you should have no overspill or wrinkling in the cups. The central gore should sit flat in between your boob' Better bra campaign

BrexitSucks Sat 20-May-17 21:24:35

Need to have something under the arms besides ribs.

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