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Wrap dress yay or nay?....

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Badders123 Tue 16-May-17 20:52:58

I'm an over weight (bmi 26) 5 foot 4 hourglass with huge FF norks
I also have a very short torso so wondering if petite would be a good idea?
I need a nice outfit for a do (in.faxt I need it to do 2 occasions!) And I like the look of a couple of Boden wrap dresses
Would I look ridiculous?
I don't really do dresses 😯

Squishedstrawberry4 Tue 16-May-17 20:54:47

A wrap dress can be complementary. Can you post an image of the dress

Badders123 Tue 16-May-17 20:56:34

I will try!

MakingMerry Tue 16-May-17 21:05:15

I'm a similar height hourglass. I find wrap dresses can work, but my experience with Boden is their v-neck stuff is very low cut- right down the bra band on me, but apparently fine on taller people. Their scoop neck stuff is just right on me, bizarrely. So I would recommend getting getting a code for free returns in case the V is too low.

ScarlettFreestone Tue 16-May-17 21:07:40

Of course not. Wrap dresses are usually pretty flattering.

If you are well endowed get a coordinating camisole for underneath the dress.

Badders123 Tue 16-May-17 21:10:27

Can't bloody link on my new phone! Grr
A Camisole is a good idea

Intransige Tue 16-May-17 21:12:19

Wrap dresses can make a short torso look even shorter as the middle is where all the detail is. And they're a bit faffy to wear, unless it's a faux wrap, as the ties want to roam about I find. That said, one in heavy good quality jersey, with clever construction, could work.

I'm a similar shape and height (well, normally I'm a pear, but I'm breastfeeding so have become hourglass temporarily!) and I look better in things that emphasise my waist but don't have a lot of middle detail. I bought this recently and it's very flattering.

Badders123 Tue 16-May-17 21:21:48

That's my worry tbh
Even though I'm an hourglass shape because of the short torso big norks thing I don't seem to suit dresses unless I'm under 9 stone aint gonna happen
I would prefer short or cap sleeves to long or 3/4- but not sleeveless!
You see my issue?
It doesn't exist does it? My perfect dress?
Wahhhhh 😢

clapyourhandsandwhistle Tue 16-May-17 21:23:30

I had a long sleeved Boden wrap dress last autumn.
I thought it was flattering but I saw a photo and it looked awful, it highlighted all my middle lumpy bits. Not worn since.

Although with Boden you can send it back for free.

Intransige Tue 16-May-17 21:40:44

What about a tea dress type of thing? Like this?

blodynmawr Tue 16-May-17 21:41:09

I am 5'7'' but my height is in my legs. I have a very short torso and G cups.
I get on better with the Boden rushed styles like this and this rather than the wrap styles.
HTH smile

Badders123 Tue 16-May-17 22:02:30

That tea dress is beautiful and I like the first ruched one...
Thank you!

OldLibrary Tue 16-May-17 22:04:56

Wrap dress is great if slim, no norks.

Don't be tempted.

Badders123 Tue 16-May-17 22:07:44


MrsLettuce Tue 16-May-17 22:11:38

Wrap dresses are only really flattering on a very few people, I think.

The nancy mac dresses are great, this style is my favourite. Several prints in it , IIRC.

OldLibrary Tue 16-May-17 22:26:14

I have norks and feel like an elderly sofa in a wrap dress

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