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Easy(ish) solutions to grey

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TheForgetfulCat Tue 16-May-17 14:49:06

Apart from the obvious!

Am nearly 42 and hair has done me well for the past four decades in terms of length and thickness, if not colour or controllability. But the greys are definitely marching on and I don't feel quite ready for it.

What's the best approach to covering them up? Can you dye long hair or does a need/wish to dye go best with a shorter cut?

It is currently somewhere around my shoulders having grown out from an unsuccessful bob. Very thick with an awkward wave. Difficult to have down as I wear big glasses and there's so much hair I just look like a yeti in specs. Currently it gets scragged back or twisted up in a clip.

It took well to a very short cut when I was 21, slim and with glowing skin. Not sure 42 and a well covered 5'10 would work the same way. Natural colour is mouse to light brown if you're feeling generous.

Any wise advice? Photos welcome for the hairdresser!

user1471545174 Tue 16-May-17 21:57:01


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