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Babyliss Big Hair unavailable, alternatives ?

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0nline Mon 15-May-17 08:34:30

I recently had my stupid baby fine, won't do anything except sit there looking sullen hair cut into a bob just above the jaw line.

If I give myself shoulder and bicep ache I can just about manage to make it look nice with a hairdryer and brush. But the results are patchy and ... it hurts my arms.

I heard about the big hair in here, looked at some videos and thought Bingo !

Except for some reason while Babyliss does have products in Italy, the Big Hair is not one of them, and amazon uk won't post the Big Hair to Itsly.

To be honest I would vastly prefer to buy from cos... it can be really difficult to get a refund/replacement for faulty products here from other sellers, and buying from the UK is also a pain in the arse if a product breaks.

So I am looking at these alternatives.

Babyliss 2736E

Babyliss AS551E

Romenta Activ Brush

Any ideas which one would be the best bet for v. fine hair on the shorter side ?

I don't need super mega volume, I have no wish to look like a super fertile dandelion which is what happens if my hair gets too much lift and there is a mild breeze. But I do need some lift and a more polished look than I am currently sporting.

My teenage son has a head full of blonde ringlets that he just ignores and I have this pathetic mop. It's really unfair. But some flashy, whirly hairdryer might even up the hair disadvantage I suffer from. I just don't know which one.

KatharinaRosalie Mon 15-May-17 11:49:17

The Babyliss ones you posted are the equivalent to big hair, just under different name. And the Rowenta works the same way - I have that one myself.
So in principle any of them works, but as I can see, those particular Babyliss models only come with 50mm brush. If your hair is short, you would also want the smaller version, and Rowenta has 2 sizes.

0nline Mon 15-May-17 13:50:36

Just had a closer look at the blurb and the babyliss ones have a second brush. In the first one however the smaller head accessory (20mm) doesn't turn. In the second one the blurb is saying one 50mm and one 35mm brush, both turning. So that would be similar to the Rowenta ?

I've heard some complaints that the Babyliss ones don't have as long a lifespan as the Rowenta, but it's not like I'd be overworking it with my hair.

I think what's putting me off the Rowenta one is an Italian vlogger's review. She liked it, but said her old Babyliss gave a pouffier and smoother result. However her hair was past her shoulders and really thick so I'd immagine it would be quite a bit harder to counteract the natural weight of her hair.

Maybe I am overthinking this. It's not like they can be wildly different and in all short bob both should be able to produce swishy hair right ?

The Rowenta can be ordered with prime as well, so no extra postage on top.

I think I am leaning Rowenta.

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