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Mandelic peels

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hmmwhatatodo Mon 15-May-17 00:20:21

Hello, anyone ever had these type of peel? We're they any good or just too mild? (I'm referring to one done in a professional place rather than some kind of DIY kit). How about the Jessner peel?

Thank you!

hmmwhatatodo Fri 19-May-17 12:36:36


LadyOfTheCanyon Fri 19-May-17 13:30:27

I can't help but I'll give you a bump!

RebelAllianceUK Fri 19-May-17 13:32:23

It depends on your goal and the amount of downtime & frequency you're willing to commit to. Can you share a little more info about this?

hmmwhatatodo Fri 19-May-17 19:18:42

Hello and thank you!

I have some old scarring (mostly on forehead and some around the chin) to deal with along with quite large pores. I have so far had 2 mandelic peels with 2 week intervals but I think I hoped for more change by now. I shed skin for about 3 days each time and I was a bit more intense the second time. I am due to do one more session. It's fairly expensive and I rather hoped it would pretty much be dealt with after 3 seasons but I'm not so sure now. I could try a stronger peel when I have my holidays as I'm not willing to go into work with the aftermath of a jessner peel! But now I'm wondering if that would even have much effect. Hard to know what to do when money is fairly tight. No way I can afford the dermapen type treatments.

RebelAllianceUK Sat 20-May-17 13:16:04

Jessners definitely worth a go. I've used Skin Obsession (check out Amazon reviews) myself - as you know the application method now you're fine to DIY IMHO.

Also, I use a Derminator for info incl vids and instruction manual. I was an early adopter and have used it for maybe 2.5 years. Very happy.

With either peels or needling, you will get much better results if your epidermis it primed for regeneration (i.e. regeneration from the deliberate damage you're incurring to trigger new collagen and surfacing).

So, before you do another peel/needle at all, you should ensure you're on a regiment of retin A (or high dose retinol) and vitamin C (either topical or high dose supplementation)for at least a month. Just my humble opinion. Also an excellent UVA-protective sunscreen = non-negotiable.

Without this priming and protecting regime both before and after (although dont use the topicals for at least a week after procedure) you are unlikely to get sufficiently good results out of peeling or needling that justify the downtime. In fact, you could be worse off than when you started.

If you do prime/protect and follow the procedures/frequency precisely as per instructions, (be aware you need 4-6 session of either option), then I am pretty sure you could see some significant improvements at relatively low cost.

Any questions, let me know. Any questions, happy to help.

RebelAllianceUK Sat 20-May-17 13:32:09

Also, if low downtime requirement then you might want to try a straight lactic acid for a bit of general freshening. It's not targetted to your needs but something that can give you a general pick-me-up on a regular basis.

I'm doing a peel myself latter half of next week....can't weigh up the balance of what I'll do versus downtime yet as I need to schedule my grossness around half-term playdates grin

If you start to DIY (and I started almost 15 years ago) go very low dose and take time to get to know your skin tolerance and shedding timings. This is enormously helpful in maintaining a practical routine; essential for upkeep.

Key tips: Don't rush, don't take any risks and always use highly reputable suppliers....the one I linked to is in US so liable to customs charges in UK but I've used them 4 times for jessners, lactic, glycolic, salicyclic and TCA(!). All acids were good and true to strength (jojoba oil they do is also OK but the emu oil is not good quality IMHO).

I'm sure there are good suppliers who are local to UK but I've not used them.

Good luck!

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