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Evening dress when you don't feel comfortable due to weight gain

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footballmum Sun 14-May-17 21:56:50

I've been invited to a fairly last minute dinner which is black tie which I can't really get out of (work thing). I'm currently a size 16 carrying all my weight around my tummy and the one fall back dress I'd got in my wardrobe looks awful. I've ordered a selection of what look like the most flattering from Simply Be but has anyone any other suggestions? I don't want to spend a fortune as I do not intend to stay this size but I do want to feel comfortable on the night. I do think there's something to be said for wearing clothes with confidence but you have to feel comfortable in the first place don't you?

HappyEverIftar Mon 15-May-17 06:29:03

I'm a similar shape to you OP and I've found Eliza J dresses to be flattering and forgiving. House of Fraser has a sale on that range at the moment, might be worth a look?

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