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Those fancy hairdryers (Parlex??) do they work?

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wannabeahermit Sat 13-May-17 07:51:22

My hair just looks a bit fuzzy and yuk when I blow dry it... wondering if using a bettter hairdryer will help? I've purchased all manner of overpriced products and nothing seems to help. I'm not very good at blow drying my hair either, but just fix with GHDs which isn't great I know

macymacy Sat 13-May-17 07:56:53

I've got one, I like it but I'm not absolutely convinced it does anything over and above a different brand. It's powerful but if I dry my hair quickly without use a brush to pull down each section, I still look like a frizz monster.
Not sure I'd invest in another if this goes pop.

Fletcherl Sat 13-May-17 07:59:09

Love mine but I have fine straight hair.

AddToBasket Sat 13-May-17 07:59:10

I was about to buy one and the guy in the shop recommended Veloce instead. Half the price. It is very good.

Monkeypuzzle32 Sat 13-May-17 07:59:38

I've just bought one, my hair is fine but thick so takes ages to dry-good points are;
Dries much quicker
Doesn't get hot
Seems to stop it being so flyaway

Not so amazing points
The nozzles don't stay on

It's good but I hear that Evi (?) is as good and cheaper

jeaux90 Sat 13-May-17 09:08:35

I have curly hair. It's thick and I blow dry it straight. I love my parlux as I only have to use the straighteners a little bit. Very happy with mine.

rubybleu Sat 13-May-17 09:10:15

Yes. I have a Parlux 3000 & I notice the difference using other hairdryers. I've got very fine fluffy hair & it makes it look respectable. If you're worried about the cost, mine was bought in 2006 and is still going strong!!

My gym stocks GHD hairdryers which I also find good. They've been doing a trial of other hair dryers; I've used a Dyson a few times and much prefer Parlux or GHD.

WhooooAmI24601 Sat 13-May-17 09:16:49

I have a Parlux and a GHD and the Parlux knocks the socks off the GHD for fighting frizz and Bee Gee hair.

IHeartKingThistle Sat 13-May-17 09:20:48

My parlux dries my (long bob length) hair in 4 minutes. I have to lug the thing everywhere I stay now though as it's ruined me for other hairdryers.

tigerdriverII Sat 13-May-17 09:21:48

I've got a Parlux: it's by far the best hairdryer I've used for my very thick curly hair: I can straighten it well and reasonably quickly or go for the full Crystal Tips job. The nozzles stay on fine.

Liiinoo Sat 13-May-17 10:33:36

About a year ago I was desperate for a Dyson but was swayed by people on this forum saying a Parlux would be just as good for a lot less money. I honestly didn't see any difference between the Parlux and any of my previous babyliss/Remington/other bogstandard dryers particularly with regard to frizz and flyaways.

A week ago I finally succumbed and bought the Dyson and my hair is much smoother and shinier than I have ever managed with a traditional dryer. However I am still in two minds about it as I am having problems getting the sort of root height I want with it. I have another 3 weeks of the trial period to practice before I decide whether to keep,it or return it.

Madbengalmum Sat 13-May-17 13:44:12

Just upgraded my old parlux to the new compact lite ionic, it is the best hairdryer i have ever used. My old parlux lasted five years which is unheard of for my long hair which always kills the motors pretty quickly.

AmyOnTheBorder Sat 13-May-17 13:51:20

I have recently bought a Parlux - I have very thick, fuzzy hair. I'm a bit disappointed it's only made about 10% difference. It's a little bit quicker to dry and a tad straighter but I wouldn't have bothered with hindsight.

wannabeahermit Sat 13-May-17 14:27:12

My hair is fine, highlighted, long and I can't be arsed with sectioning to dry it etc. I always used to be able to blast dry it with no fuzziness... I think it might be old age though sad

Rathkelter Sat 13-May-17 15:25:02

I have a Babyliss Big Hair. It's the business. I leave my hair to dry naturally after I shower, I then eat breakfast to give it a bit more drying time, and then I get the Babyliss going. Takes about 5 mins (shortish bob) The style stays put through frizz-inducing school run, and through the rest of the day. I've learned that the trick is to have pretty dry hair before using it though. If I'm in a rush I blast my hair with my other crappy dryer first. I thought about it but I wouldn't bother with a parlux now.

Rathkelter Sat 13-May-17 15:27:26

Just noticed your hair is long OP. The bigger Big Hair brush is for long hair. You might need to section it though but it doesn't take long till your on your way to salon-swingy hair. I have yucky fine sticky clumpy fuzzy hair all day if I don't use it.

Marmalade85 Sat 13-May-17 15:29:56

I love mine. Dries my long thick hair in under 3 minutes and no frizz. I do use a heat protection spray and anti-frizz serum as well.

userofthiswebsite Sat 13-May-17 15:34:39

Has anyone tried Cloud 9's hairdryer, brought out to rival the GHD Air I assume...?

Skitskatskoodledoot Sat 13-May-17 15:34:45

My Parlux is light years better than my old £25 dryer, for all the reasons stated above, but I'm lusting after a Dyson.

Skitskatskoodledoot Sat 13-May-17 15:38:59

I'm also very tempted to buy a Babyliss Big Hair as everyone on here raves about it.

wannabeahermit Sat 13-May-17 21:25:56

I have a babyliss big hair and even that seems to give me the frizz these days. Also just take toooo long

CateGory8 Sat 13-May-17 22:47:12

I have coarse hair which is a hybrid of straight and wavy. The parlux seems to persuade my hair to be compliant and it stays that way until I wash it again. It also has the additional bonus of fast drying, plus the whole hairdryer stays cool to the touch. I like it.

Judydreamsofhorses Sat 13-May-17 23:57:59

I love mine - I got it for about £60 from somewhere like LookFantastic with a discount code (it's the compact one) so it wasn't eye wateringly expensive. I have far fewer split ends since getting it too.

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