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Electrolysis - anyone had it?

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Boynamedsue Thu 11-May-17 18:50:07

Does it work? As I'm getting older my chin hair is getting out of control and I hate plucking it, or leaving it long enough for a wax. It's very fair, White almost, so I think lazer is out. So I'm just wondering if anyone had it done and got good/terrible results? It's not cheap but I'm happy to pay it if my beard will permanently disappear!

WindyWednesday Thu 11-May-17 21:47:17

I'm a professional electrologist. Yes, it will remove the hair over time. Each hair will need to be treated more than once. It will weaken the hair before it finally stops growing.

Most important, find a good therapist. If this isn't done correctly it can cause scaring. Make sure you go somewhere reputable. Any questions ask me if you want. I've been doing it for 20 yrs.

Boynamedsue Thu 11-May-17 22:04:28

Thanks windy. I have a salon around the corner who do it but it seems very cheap... There is another salon though who have 2 prices, the higher is with a professional electrologist, not sure who does the cheaper one! Think I'll book in for a consultation and budget for the higher price.

WindyWednesday Fri 12-May-17 17:07:49

Unfortunately some salons advertise electrolysis, but it's needle free which isn't the same at all. Hence why a inexperienced therapist can perform the treatment at a cheaper cost.

I'd go for the higher price and see what happens. Any therapist worth their salt will give you a free consultation to tell you about the treatment and check you are ok to have it done. It's not for everyone, some people can't have it. Pacemakers, metal pins and plates, some diabetics.

Ask how long they have been working and how many people per week they see. As a guide I would see 10 people a day and it helps speed and skill.

If they see one or two a week I'd avoid. A good electrologist will be happy to tell you her/his qualifications and insurance.

Good luck

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